Monday, August 22, 2016

[On-site is] BIGBANG’s Words During their 10th Anniversary Concert

BIGBANG held a concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut. They performed their songs with more passion and energy that ever. 65,000 people stood up all throughout the concert and cheered loudly even amidst the recording-breaking heat wave.

So far, BIGBANG has been holding a lot of concert outside of Korea. They must have missed doing a concert in Korea. Five months have passed since they last held a concert in Korea, which was when they did their “MADE” concert in March. As if they missed talking in their mother tongue, they chattered a lot during the concert.

○…DAESUNG, who is known to be the most friendly member of BIGBANG, said hi in a rather unique way. He said, “Hello, I’m your nurungjiand your cheonggukjang. Would you like to go to heaven with me?”

○…SEUNGRI revealed what T.O.P said to the members. He said, “Unlike his usual self, T.O.P woke up early at 8 AM. He surprised us by messaging, ‘Don’t be late. Let’s all get there early and get ready. I really want today’s concert to go well.” SEUNGRI went on to say, “T.O.P cries a lot these days. Whenever he does that, I make fun of him by saying that female hormones are taking hold of him because he’s getting old”.

○…G-DRAGON talked about how the meaning of August has changed since 2006. He said, “Before joining YG, August was just a month I was born in. But after 2006, it has become a special month during which I think about the meaning of the members and our fans a lot. I’m so happy.”

○…TAEYANG thanked the staff for their hard work. He said, “We don’t do much. We make music, and we sing and dance on the stage that is already made for us. The staff members including Mr. Yang made us who we are today. Of course, our fans played the biggest part.”

○…When the concert was nearing to its end, there was a short poem-making time. DAESUNG asked SEUNGRI to make a poem with “10thanniversary.” SEUNGRI made a poem that goes, “It has already been 10 years. You and I exchanged love. In Yanbian” and made rest of the members boo him. DAESUNG was asked to do the same. His poem went, “Has it been ten years already? I will remember every second, every minute, every day, and every week of it. We must be lovers. I love you” and, DAESUNG received a big applause for it.

○…BIGBANG’s “MADE” movie hit the box office in June. BIGBANG promised that they would reveal a video showing SEUNGRI taking a shower if the movie scores 100,000 viewers. But unfortunately, they did not get a chance to keep the promise. Afterwards, BIGBANG announced they would reveal the video at their concert. SEUNGRI made the audience laugh by saying that they shouldn’t do it because his parents and relatives are at the concert.

Source: YG Entertainment(isplus.joins)

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