Monday, August 22, 2016

[Review is] BIGBANG Went Crazy on Stage and Fans Went Crazy because They Wanted to See More

It was a concert that only BIGBANG could pull off. Fans from all around the world came to Sangam-dong to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG. The five members of BIGBANG on the stage and 65,000 fans in the audience all shone bright like stars.

At 7 PM on August 20, “BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT: 0.TO.10” took place at the World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong to celebrate the 10thanniversary of BIGBANG’s debut. BIGBANG debuted exactly ten years ago on August 19, and they decided to hold a large-scale concert to share the joy with their fans.

A whopping 65,000 fans from in and out of Korea flocked to Sangam-dong. Originally, the concert was to hold only 60,000 people, but because there were so many requests from those who couldn’t get tickets, extra tickets for the restricted-view seats were opened for sale later on. Not only Korean fans but also fans from all around the world came to see BIGBANG on the stage.

◆BIGBANG heated up the stage from the very beginning.

BIGBANG kicked off the concert with “HEAVEN”. The audience went wild as soon as the concert started. BIGBANG was covered in sweat even when they were singing their first song. After “HEAVEN”, BIGBANG sang “WE LIKE TO PARTY” and “HANDS UP”. They ran about the stage trying to make eye contact with those on the second and third floor and even those in restricted-view seats.

BIGBANG has been around for ten years now, and so, they had no trouble making witty introductions at the beginning of the concert. G-DRAGON introduced himself, “Hello, I’m G-DRAGON, and I’ve been leading BIGBANG for ten years now.” T.O.P said, “Your lights are making our hearts warm. Let’s rock the night away.” DAESUNG shouted out, “It’s already hot tonight. But let’s make it hotter!”

After BIGBANG sang “BAD BOY” and “LOSER”, SEUNGRI turned into a DJ and played a medley of their hit songs. “We have so many songs that we couldn’t sing them all at a concert”, SEUNGRI explained why he prepared his special DJing performance. The medley included a number of BIGBANG’s hit songs such as “FEAR”, “LOLLIPOP”, and “STILL ALIVE” and made the audience very happy.

◆BIGBANG is great together and apart.

What followed afterwards was a thing that only BIGBANG could do. SEUNGRI performed his solo singles “LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE” and “STRONG BABY”. DAESUNG sang “WINGS” and “LOOK AT ME GWISOON”. Then the two sang G-DRAGON’s “CROOKED” to the surprise of the audience.

G-DRAGON performed “HEARTBREAKER” and “CRAYON” for his solo stage. Then he sang “HIGH HIGH” with T.O.P and “GOOD BOY” with TAEYANG. His charisma on the stage made the audience go wild and proved that he is indeed a star.

Then it was T.O.P’s turn. He sang “ACT LIKE NOTHING IS WRONG” and “DOOM DADA”. Next, TAEYANG performed “EYES, NOSE, LIPS”, “LOOK AT ME ONLY”, and “RINGA LINGA”. He sang all the songs live and they were all flawless. All these performances were only possible because BIGBANG members all released solo albums.

◆ A journey of the past 10 years of BIGBANG

As the concert went on, BIGBANG members and the audience began enjoying the concert as if they were one. BIGBANG sang their mega hit songs as well as their recent hit songs such as “IF YOU”, “HARU HARU”, “BANG BANG BANG”, “FANTASITC BABY” and “SOBER” and enthralled the audience.

For their closing remarks, members said, “We are trying to draw the big picture for the next ten years of BIGBANG. We hope you’ll keep on sending us your support. Once again, thank you for your support during the past ten years. We’ll keep on creating great music and putting on great performances. Thank you.”

The heat and the roar of in Sangam-dong were strong enough to be felt on the other side of the earth. For their encore stage, BIGBANG sang “LAST FAREWELL”, “SUNSET GLOW”, “LIES”, “ALWAYS”, and “BAE BAE”. During the two and a half hour concert, the five members of BIGBANG and 65,000 fans truly became one. History was written again on August 20, 2016.

Source: YG Entertainment(isplus.joins)

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