Thursday, December 29, 2016

[PIC] SEUNGRI UPDATED INSTAGRAM "Osaka thank you so much for being happy this year" [161229]

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[NEWS] BIGBANG’s “FXXK IT” took two No.1s on Gaon’s weekly charts

Idol group BIGBANG’s new song “FXXK IT” took two No.1s on Gaon’s weekly charts.

According to Gaon Chart on December 29, BIGBANG’s “FXXK IT” took two No.1s on Gaon’s charts for the 52nd week of the year 2016: digital chart and on-line streaming chart.

Following BIGBANG’s “FXXK IT”, CRUSH’s “Beautiful” took the second place; Bolbbalgan4’s “Tell Me You Like Me”, the third; CHAN YEOL and Punch’s “STAY WITH ME”, fourth; and BIGBANG’s “LAST DANCE”, fifth.

[Yesterday TV] BIGBANG in “Radio Star”, their outstanding sense of humor full-blown in the show

BIGBANG was different in “Radio Star”. They created even bigger synergy with one another and talked even more honestly.

BIGBANG’s appearance in “Radio Star” show was like a guarantee of fun and entertainment. The encounter between the four famously pungent MCs and the five famously witty members of BIGBANG was expected to give birth to a legendarily fun episode of “Radio Star”, and such expectation was right. The second BIGBANG episode produced new records for “Radio Star” show. There was no single moment that was not fun in it.

[Late-Night TV] “I’m no moocher”… SEUNGRI’s sense of humor full-blown in “Radio Star” show

SEUNGRI enthusiastically rebutted people’s misunderstanding about him, making many people burst in to big laughter.

On December 28 in the night, the second BIGBANG episode of “Radio Star” show was broadcasted.

While listening to G-DRAGON’s talks about paparazzi photos, SEUNGRI said, “G-DRAGON looks always good in any photo, but my picture was taken when I was asleep”, drawing keen attention for his very meaningful remark.

[NEWS] BIGBANG’s great sense of humor and wit full-blown in “Radio Star” show greatly raised its viewer ratings… To 9.7%

MBC’s “Radio Star” show saw a great leap in its viewer ratings, thanks to guest BIGBANG’s great sense of humor and wit.

According to Nielson Korea, the company that surveys viewers ratings, on December 29, “Radio Star” aired on December 28 recorded 9.7% of nationwide daily viewer ratings of the day.

The rating was 2.0%p higher than 7.7% recorded by the last episode of the show aired on December 21.


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