Thursday, December 29, 2016

[Yesterday TV] BIGBANG in “Radio Star”, their outstanding sense of humor full-blown in the show

BIGBANG was different in “Radio Star”. They created even bigger synergy with one another and talked even more honestly.

BIGBANG’s appearance in “Radio Star” show was like a guarantee of fun and entertainment. The encounter between the four famously pungent MCs and the five famously witty members of BIGBANG was expected to give birth to a legendarily fun episode of “Radio Star”, and such expectation was right. The second BIGBANG episode produced new records for “Radio Star” show. There was no single moment that was not fun in it.

In MBC’s talk show “Radio Star” aired on December 28 in the night, BIGBANG members exposed each other’s secrets. Just as in the first BIGBANG episode, BIGBANG members recklessly and honestly talked about their thoughts. The synergy between the five members of BIGBANG, especially SEUNGRI’s outstanding wit, gave a great entertainment to viewers. The second BIGBANG episode was even funnier than the first one.

In “Radio Star” show of the day, the MCs focused on rumors about G-DRAGON’s romantic relationship and breakup, as well as rumors about SEUNGRI. “Radio Star” show last week hinted that in the second BIGBANG episode, G-DRAGON would openly talk about the rumors about his relationship and breakup, drawing keen attention from many people. G-DRAGON actually explained his position about the rumors, in a cool and calm manner.

Regarding two rumors about G-DRAGON’s romance and breakup, G-DRAGON said, “nothing is certain yet”, raising viewers’ curiosity. Then, he went on to clearly say, “If the other part wanted, I would have acknowledged it and it would have continued”, to draw keen attention.

SEUNGRI directly explained about the rumors about him, making viewers burst into big laughter. Such new aspect of BIGBANG was the appeal that the staff of an “entertainment show” would like the most. Just as they did in MBC’s “The Infinite Challenge” show, BIGBANG fascinated all the viewers of “Radio Star” show with their colorful appeals and wit. As much as BIGBANG members who said “Wish to see you again” do, people are also looking forward to seeing BIGBANG in “Radio Star” show soon again.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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