Tuesday, February 14, 2017

[NEWS]  G-Dragon reveals his inspiration and talks about fashion 'failures'

BIGBANG's G-Dragon is famous worldwide for his sense of fashion, creating the latest trends as well as producing his own clothing line. In a recent interview, G-Dragon, or Kwon Ji-yong, revealed his inspiration and how he views fashion.

His effortless style has been recognized and loved by people globally. In fact, his fans named him as the fashionista of BIGBANG, given the love he has for fashion. At Paris Fashion Week, during the European launch of his collaboration fashion line PEACEMINUSONE, he revealed how he feels about his fashionista image and his personal philosophy behind his unique style sense.

[PIC] SEUNGRI UPDATED INSTAGRAM "We will meet soon #2017 #BIGBANGCalendar" [170214]

Translation: We will meet soon. #2017 #BIGBANGCalendar #DVDIt'sFunny #ShootItWithFun TOP Hyung I miss you already.

Source: @seungriseyo