Sunday, December 11, 2016

[BIGBANG’s Comeback②] BIGBANG, the Only Idol Group on the Rise for Ten Years

“It’s scary. They are getting stronger, not weaker.”

These are the words of Kangta, a member of a first generation idol group and a SM director. Like he said, it is becoming more popular as time goes by. It is the only group that has been on the rise for ten years. He’s talking about BIGBANG.

There’s a limit to how far idol groups can go. After debut, idol groups’ popularity soars thanks to their huge fans bases. But after a while, new idol groups appear, and the public’s interest moves on. After their seven-year contract expires, members usually go their separate ways.

[NEWS] A Day to Go until the Grand Finale of BIGBANG’s 10th Anniversary Project

The grand finale of BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary project, the release of “MADE THE FULL ALBUM”, is just around the corner.

At 10 AM on December 11, YG Entertainment released a d-1 teaser poster on its official blog.

YG Entertainment has been revealing countdown posters for the release of BIGBANG’s “MADE THE FULL ALBUM” starting from six days ago. The posters feature different images in a gallery-like setting.

[TV Talk Talk] Two Legends, Infinite Challenge and BIGBANG, Meets

BIGBANG, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, will be appearing on MBC’s Infinite Challenge. Expectations are running high for the collaboration between the legend of pop music and the legend of variety shows.

It is not the first time that BIGBANG appeared on Infinite Challenge. BIGBANG members have appeared on the show so often that they are even referred to as the seventh member of Infinite Challenge. In particular, G-DRAGON has appeared on a number of the show’s music competitions and Muhan Company episodes.

The last time that al the BIGBANG members appeared on Infinite Challenge is its “Gang of Seoul” episode five years ago. BIGBANG members showed off their funny side and a great teamwork with Infinite Challenge members.

[BIGBANG’s Comeback①] BIGBANG Dominating the Charts is a No Brainer

BIGBANG is to make a comeback soon, and naturally, the group is expected to take the charts by storm.

BIGBANG is to release its third regular album after an eight-year break. It will be the grand finale to BIGBANG’s MADE series albums that were released last year and the icing on the cake of BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary celebrations. The album is to be released on December 12, and teasers have been released to raise expectations.


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