Thursday, November 17, 2016

[EXCLUSIVE] BIGBANG is coming back in December

YG Entertainment (“YG”) has opened its jewel boxes in every two to three months this year: comeback of WINNER in January and LEE HI in March; comeback of AKMU and debut of iKON in May; debut of BLACKPINK and single release of CL in August; then debut of MOBB in September.

Until the very end of the year 2016, YG will not stop creating sensation in the music scene, with long-awaited comeback of SECHSKIES and BIGBANG. The two groups are the “wild cards” of YG. According to music industry insiders on November 17, SECHSKIES and BIGBANG will come back at the same time in December.

YG opted for a “win-win strategy” for SECHSKIES and BIGBANG to push and pull each other for the purpose of achieving success together at the same time. SECHSKIES, the “idol group of the 20th century” will push BIGBANG, while BIGBANG, “the idol group of the 21stcentury” pulls SECHSKIES for mutual success.

▶ YG “legends” are coming

It is not an exaggeration to say that SECHSKIES was the hottest key-word for the year 2016. SECHSKIES members gathered together for their performance in MBC’s “The Infinite Challenge – I Love Saturday Season 2” show, after their long-time separation. Then, in May this year, SECHSKIES dramatically came to sign management contract with YG, to prove their still-big influence as the “ancestor of idol boy groups”. SECHSKIES’ concert held in September achieved great success and the team’s new song “THREE WORDS” released one month after the concert swept No.1 on a variety of music charts, to display the substantial presence of this “first-generation idol singer” in the music scene.

BIGBANG is the “pillar” of YG. Since their debut in a reality TV show in 2006, BIGBANG has been the top idol boy group in Korea for the past 10 years, without any change in the members. From “LIES” and “LAST FAREWELL” to single album project “MADE” last year, every album released by BIGBANG took No.1 on charts. BIGBANG held a 10th anniversary concert in August this year at Sang-am World Cup Stadium in Seoul, to set a record of 65,000 people for one session of concert, which is the highest-ever number in Korea.

▶ How much the preparation for new album has progressed?

Now, YG has announced the comeback of SECHSKIES and BIGBANG.
The estimated timing for their comeback is early December. SECHSKIES has already completed recording for a new song other than “THREE WORDS” that was unveiled recently. In an interview with Daily Sports last month, SECHSKIES gave a hint on their new song by saying, “Another new song will have a new feel different from that of ‘THREE WORDS’. It is a song of a quick tempo.”

In the meantime, SECHSKIES is now in the final stage of working for their new song. They already completed the shooting for their new music video on the 27 last month in Sapporo, Japan. Plus, they also appeared in MBC Every1 TV’s “Weekly Idol” show. That is a big gift given for fans even before their official comeback.

BIGBANG is also to follow SECHSKIES to come back soon. On the 18 last month in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, and on the 15 this month in Seoul, BIGBANG shot music videos for their new songs in secret. BIGBANG is now giving the final touch on their third full album “MADE”, for its release within this year. Considering the fact that the music video shot in Seoul is the last one for their new album, BIGBANG’s comeback is expected to be made by the end of this month or early next month.

Notably, T.O.P passed the examination for the selection of policeman for his mandatory military service, on the 14 this month. He will soon join the police band of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Therefore, BIGBANG’s comeback with their third full album will be the last opportunity for BIGBANG fans to see the complete team BIGBANG before T.O.P joins the police.

An YG insider said, “The exact date of SECHSKIES and BIGBANG’s new release has not been confirmed yet. Considering the fact that the music video shot in Seoul is the last one for BIGBANG’s new album, the time of their comeback is expected to be early next month. As SECHSKIES has also finished the shooting for their music video, I guess the time of their comeback will be similar to the time of BIGBANG’s comeback”.

YG is now coming forward to attract music fans for this end-of-year holiday season. As two of YG’s legendary boy groups are coming back at the same time, the music scene and music fans are paying keen attention to the two team’s moves.

Source: YG Entertainment(isplus.joins)

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