Friday, June 9, 2017

[NEWS] G-DRAGON’s New Album Tops Five QQ Charts, Demonstrating China’s Ban on Korean Culture Does Not Get In the Way of His Popularity

G-DRAGON popularity extends beyond Korea into China.

As of 11 AM on June 9, G-DRAGON’s new album “KWON JI YONG” became No.1 on five of QQ Music’s charts: it’s all new song, all music video, K-pop music video, popularity index, and realtime popularity vote chart.

[NEWS] “The unmatched class of KWON JI YONG”… “UNTITLED” sweeping charts with other songs of the album for two days in a row

The unmatched class of the status of group BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON in the music scene is being fully proven with his new solo album.

As of June 9 at 7AM, the second day from the release of G-DRAGON’s new album, “UNTITLED” is sweeping charts in Korea including Korea’s biggest Melon, Genie Music, NAVER Music, Olleh Music, Soribada,, and Monkey 3.

[Oh! Music] G-DRAGON, the icon of No.1 on music charts, captivating the world

G-DRAGON is sweeping No.1 on music charts again.

Even though it was expected by everyone, the scale of G-DRAGON’s success is still surprising. G-DRAGON is boasting his formidable influence in the music scene, going beyond Asia to captivate the world. G-DRAGON’s first solo album in four years is making everyone utter an exclamation.

[NEWS] G-DRAGON in No.1 on iTunes charts of 39 countries around the world… An unprecedented record

G-DRAGON who already holds many unprecedented records has written another new history.

As of June 9 at 6AM (Korean time), G-DRAGON’s new solo album “KWON JI YONG” is in No.1 on the iTunes albums charts of 39 countries including the United States, the biggest pop music market in the world (Argentina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Brunei, Darussalam, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, United States, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam).

[SC Zoom-In] GD took No.1 on charts of 35 countries within 6 hours of new album release… “Unprecedented record”

G-DRAGON is boasting his power in the global music scene, sweeping No.1 on music charts around the world.

On June 8 at 6PM, G-DRAGON officially released the songs of his new solo album on all music-streaming websites in Korea and iTunes of countries around the world. It is G-DRAGON’s first solo album with multiple songs in four years since “COUP D’ETAT” released in 2013.

[NEWS] G-DRAGON’s “UNTITLED” sweeping 8 music-streaming websites in Korea… “Just as everyone expected”

 G-DRAGON has succeeded in dominating music charts.

On June 8 at 6PM, G-DRAGON released his new solo album “KWON JI YONG” on music-streaming websites in Korea.

As of the same day at 9PM, “UNTITLED”, the title track of the album, topped the real-time charts of eight music-streaming websites in Korea, including Melon, Genie, Bugs, and NAVER Music.

[6 O’clock ★ Salon] GD’s Thirties Began with Deep Longings

G-DRAGON signaled the beginning of his thirties with very deep longings.

The solo album of G-DRAGON’s solo album was released online at 6 PM on June 8. It’s been four years since he released a solo album, which was “COUP D’ETAT” in 2013.

[Jukebox] G-DRAGON’s “UNTITLED” Portrays the Thirty-year Old KWON JI YONG’s Break-up

G-DRAGON’s fourth solo album has been released.

G-DRAGON’s “KWON JI YONG” album was released at 6 PM on June 8.

The title track of the album “UNTITLED” is unlike the songs that G-DRAGON made before. It is a slow and sad emotional song that touches the heart of the listeners, as announced previously by YG CEO YANG HYUN SUK.

“UNTITLED” has an impressive piano melody, and G-DRAGON sings about how much he misses his ex-lover in his unique calm but emotional way.

The lyrics conveys the sad emotions of a break-up well: “If I could meet you one more time, I can give up everything. I hope we can meet again and love again even in our dreams, just like we did in the past.”

The music video of the song features G-DRAGON expressing the sad emotions of a break-up by moving his body to the rhythm and melody of the song against various backgrounds.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON will kick off his solo world tour at the Seoul Sangam World Cup Stadium on June 10.

Source: YG Entertainment(XsportsNews)

[NEWS] MV of G-DRAGON’s New Song “UNTITLED” Took the Shortest Time Ever to Shoot Thanks To His Amazing Acting

In the run up to the release of G-DRAGON’s solo album at 6 PM today, YG Entertainment told the behind-the-scene stories of his “UNTITLED” music video.

The music video of G-DRAGON’s title song “UNTITLED” was directed by Han Sa Min, who has worked with BIGBANG and G-DRAGON on a number of occasions.