Friday, June 9, 2017

[NEWS] MV of G-DRAGON’s New Song “UNTITLED” Took the Shortest Time Ever to Shoot Thanks To His Amazing Acting

In the run up to the release of G-DRAGON’s solo album at 6 PM today, YG Entertainment told the behind-the-scene stories of his “UNTITLED” music video.

The music video of G-DRAGON’s title song “UNTITLED” was directed by Han Sa Min, who has worked with BIGBANG and G-DRAGON on a number of occasions.

He wanted the music video of “UNTITLED” to consist mostly of close-up shoots and refrain from using any glamorous sets or lighting to focus on showing G-DRAGON’s facial expressions since the song has sad lyrics and conveys sentimental emotions.

The original plan was to shoot the music video for two days, and the staff had prepared several sets. The director wanted to shoot the scenes dozens of times and edit the best ones for the final music video. However, G-DRAGON was able to pull it off on his first try, and the shooting ended in just an hour.

It was the shortest time for a music video shoot since BIGBANG’s debut, and it is certainly a rare case in the industry. Usually, it takes two or three days to shoot a music video because changing sets takes at least a few hours.

When the camera began shooting G-DRAGON, the director did not say “cut” and continued to shoot him until the song was over.

When the first shooting was over, Han Sa Min said, “There’s no need to shoot any more. We have sets prepared for more shooting tomorrow, but I don’t see the need.” Then, he did some additional shoots and rounded off the shooting.

He thought that the first take was so good that it could be used as a single-take scene without any editing.

One-take filming method refers to a type of shooting where the scene is filmed in a single take from its beginning till end without any editing involved. This method is difficult as the cameraman has to shoot the scene from the very beginning again even if the smallest thing goes wrong during the take.

For example, the opening scene of La La Land in which many people came out on the highway and danced was shot in one take.

G-DRAGON is often referred to as the celebrity of the celebrities, and expectations are running high for his new music video. Fans are wondering how good his acting was and eager to see what made the director say okay to the first shoot and change the music video into a single-take music video. You can check out the music video of “UNTITLED”, the title song of G-DRAGON’s “KWON JI YONG” album, at 6 PM today. G-DRAGON is to kick off his solo world tour by holding a concert at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul on June 10.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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