Friday, June 9, 2017

[SC Zoom-In] GD took No.1 on charts of 35 countries within 6 hours of new album release… “Unprecedented record”

G-DRAGON is boasting his power in the global music scene, sweeping No.1 on music charts around the world.

On June 8 at 6PM, G-DRAGON officially released the songs of his new solo album on all music-streaming websites in Korea and iTunes of countries around the world. It is G-DRAGON’s first solo album with multiple songs in four years since “COUP D’ETAT” released in 2013.

As of June 9, G-DRAGON’s new album “KWON JI YONG” is in No.1 on the iTunes albums charts of 35 countries around the world including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Hungary, Finland, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, and Ukraine, to prove his unrivalled power in the global music scene. That is an unprecedented record, which renewed the record set by BTS when the team topped the iTunes charts of 27 countries. The record is all the more significant as G-DRAGON topped the iTunes albums chart of the United States, the center of pop music. G-DRAGON is also in the fourth place on the iTunes chart of Spain, France, and Canada, to prove his worldwide influence.

G-DRAGON is also sweeping music charts in Korea. “UNTITLED”, the title track of album “KWON JI YONG”, topped the real-time charts of seven music streaming websites in Korea: Melon, Bugs, Genie, Soribada, NAVER Music, Mnet Music, and Olleh Music, as of the evening on the day of the album’s release. Other songs of the album including “BULLSHIT” also entered charts in high ranks.

The new album presents five songs: intro track “MIDDLE FINGERS-UP”, “BULLSHIT”, “SUPER STAR”, “UNTITLED”, and outro track “DIVINA COMMEDIA”. “UNTITLED” is the title track of the album. G-DRAGON who turned 30 this year in Korean age as he was born in 1988 talks about the beginning of this thirties with his flagship color in the new album.

G-DRAGON worked as an all-round player for his new album, taking part in not only the music and fashion but also the design for the new album’s jacket. According to insiders, G-DRAGON did his very best for all the works for his comeback, as the title of the album is his own name. G-DRAGON designed the images for the songs in his new album on his own as well. They are images that embody the feel of each song and G-DRAGON directly led all the planning and design work.

G-DRAGON’s label YG Entertainment said, “In his new album, G-DRAGON openly talks about his stories and thoughts as a grown-up and his feelings about the beginning of his thirties, as ordinary person “Kwon Jiyong”.

G-DRAGON will also host a solo world tour. He kicks off world tour “ACT III, M.O.T.T.E” along with the release of the new album, to meet fans around the world. The tour will begin on June 10 at Sang-am World Cup Stadium in Seoul and then continue in 19 cities including Macao, Singapore, Bangkok, eight cities in North America, four cities in Oceania, and Fukuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo in Japan.

Source: YG Entertainment(SportsChosun)

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