Thursday, December 29, 2016

[Late-Night TV] “I’m no moocher”… SEUNGRI’s sense of humor full-blown in “Radio Star” show

SEUNGRI enthusiastically rebutted people’s misunderstanding about him, making many people burst in to big laughter.

On December 28 in the night, the second BIGBANG episode of “Radio Star” show was broadcasted.

While listening to G-DRAGON’s talks about paparazzi photos, SEUNGRI said, “G-DRAGON looks always good in any photo, but my picture was taken when I was asleep”, drawing keen attention for his very meaningful remark.

Then, the other members said, “SEUNGRI was refused by many women” and SEUNGRI honestly rebutted, “The girl for whom I had a crush had a boyfriend”.

TAEYANG went on to say, “I once thought SEUNGRI was having a relationship for about a year”. G-DRAGON added, “She was the friend of my friend, so I asked SEUNGRI to introduce us to her, and SEUNGRI said, ‘what are you talking about’. SEUNGRI was misunderstanding it”.

SEUNGRI honestly answered, “I really liked her. We exchanged hand-written letters and I even talked to her mother on the phone. I thought I was her boyfriend, but it turned out she had another boyfriend.”

G-DRAGON talked about “Fantastic Festival” hosted by SEUNGRI in the past, saying, “All the hipsters in the Gangnam area were there”.

G-DRAGON went on to reveal what SEUNGRI was like at his parties, saying he was acting like Gatsby in “The Great Gatsby”. He also unveiled some photos of the parties, surprising everyone at the studio. The MCs of the show gave thumbs-up to SEUNGRI, saying, “You’re the real celebrity in Korea”.

BIGBANG members also disclosed what SEUNGRI’s attitude about money was like. SEUNGRI looked disappointed and said, “You know, I am the one who pays always, but I get criticized always”.

SEUNGRI also revealed the truth about what singer Gummy said in “Radio Star” show in the past that she was in trouble because of SEUNGRI. He said, “I paid for the two bottles of the whisky before I left”. Then, he also said, “When Gummy said, ‘SEUNGRI did not pay for the whisky he ordered and just left’, I found out the receipt. I was to come to MBC right away, to show the receipt”, appealing how much he felt it was unfair.

Gummy once said in “Radio Star” show, that SEUNGRI ordered expensive menu and beverages at her birthday party.

SEUNGRI repeatedly stressed he was ‘not a moocher’, to be finally praised by the MCs differently from the first BIGBANG episode of “Radio Star” that was broadcasted last week.

Lastly, SEUNGRI said, “I really liked appearing in this show to openly talk about what I think, in front of fans”.

SEUNGRI entertained many people by boasting his full-blown wit and sense of humor, in the second BIGBANG episode of “Radio Star” show. He put the other members in trouble for several times, but he also boasted his honest appeals nobody would dislike.

Source: YG Entertainment(myDaily)

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