Monday, August 22, 2016

[NEWS] Only a Legendary Group Like BIGBANG Could Have Made it Possible

“They are a boy band that grows every day while maintaining their unique identity.”

This is how PSY described BIGBANG. It’s not just a mindless rhetoric that guests say to praise the host when invited to a concert. It is a true, hard fact. During the last ten years, BIGBANG has set countless numbers of new records and is still leading K-Pop. The legendary K-Pop group BIGBANG has created another legend at Sangam-dong.

On August 20, “BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT: 0.TO.10” was held at the World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong. 65,000 fans flocked to look back on the past ten years of BIGBANG and to promise another ten years.

The concert was special in many ways. BIGBANG debuted on August 19 in 2006, and they have been around for ten years without a change of members. 65,000 fans, the biggest number for a single concert, came to see BIGBANG on that day. The concert demonstrated that BIGBANG still has strong presence on Korea’s music scene and a wide fan base.

65,000 people holding yellow crown sticks got together in Sangam-dong, and even before the concert started, they were cheering loudly. The heat at the concert was hotter than the record-breaking heat wave that struck Seoul.

BIGBANG led the audience to a heavenly bliss by singing “HEAVEN” and signaled the beginning of a great party with “WE LIKE 2 PARTY”. The concert was a shortened version of the past ten years of BIGBANG. BIGBANG sang their hit songs such as “BAD BOY”, “LOSER”, “IF YOU”, “HARU HARU”, “BANG BANG BANG”, “FANTASTIC BABY”, “SOBER”, “LAST FAREWELL”, “SUNSET GLOW”, and “LIES” without stopping for one moment. 65,000 fans sang along to the songs and heated up the 10th anniversary party.

BIGBANG also did solo and unit performances. All the members of BIGBANG had released solo singles and had formed unit groups. The solo and unit performances took up a third of the total concert time, providing a chance for the fans to have a taste of each member’s music.

Maybe it was because the 10th anniversary had such a big meaning to them or maybe it was something else, but BIGBANG talked a lot during the concert. Although they were charismatic during performances, they went back to their usual cheerful and fun selves and chatted away with their fans. They were funny and witty, making the concert even more joyful for the fans. Most of all, they were thankful to their fans.

G-DRAGON thanked the fans by saying, “Before I joined YG, August was just a month I was born in. But now, it has become a special month that makes me think about our fans and the members a lot. I’d like to thank you once again because I truly believe that you made us who we are today. I hope you keep on sending your support. Time flies. The past ten years have gone past so quickly. I hope that we’ll be able to perform for you and be with you for another ten years.”

TAEYANG said, “A lot has happened during the past ten years. I didn’t expect so many people to come to this concert. Thank you for allowing us to sing for ten years. We’ve been busy every day. We’re trying to draw the big picture for the next ten years of BIGBANG.”

T.O.P started to tear up when it was his turn to make remarks. He said, “I have a lot to be thankful for. I’ve had a lot of happy moments during the past ten years as well as moments that I don’t want to remember. I’d like to thank the fans for being with me and supporting me all the way through.”

Since it was a 10th anniversary concert, there were many unexpected scenes both in and out of the stadium. The set was glamorous and magnificent, and many new records were set.

For starters, the number of audience was extraordinary. As much as 65,000 people came to see BIGBANG, and it was the biggest number for a single concert in Korea. The tickets were all sold out, even the tickets to the view-restricted seats. The audience consisted of people from various age groups from those in their teens to those in their 40s and 50s. There were fans from outside of Korea, and some male fans dressed up as G-DRAGON.

BIGBANG members have held concerts all around the world, but when they saw that the stadium was filled with fans from all around the world, they couldn’t help but feel impressed and thankful.

SEUNGRI said, “Thank you for coming to our 10th anniversary concert. I didn’t expect so many people would come to the concert because this is originally a football stadium.” TAEYANG said, “I’m so happy that we could celebrate our 10th anniversary with so many people. If we had known so many would come, we would have held concerts for two days.” G-DRAGON said with a big smile on his face, “I was worried that we would not be popular in Korea because we’ve been out a lot. But I know now that there was no need to worry.”

The set and the installations were phenomenal. It was a big stadium, but the stage was big and glamorous enough to fill the stadium. Thanks to the cutting-edge installations, BIGBANG members were able to sing on different sets every time. The splendid LED screen and lights made the concert even more glamorous. Delay speakers were installed at a total of ten spots to provide best quality sound to the audience.

There was also a three storey, 14m-long and 14m-high lift in the shape of a pyramid on the stage. The front part of the stage could be lifted as high as 8 meters. The stage was mostly made of large lifts. There were four outdoor broadcasting vans, 30 cameras, and wire cams to shoot every corner of the stage and the stadium.

Things were just as hot outside the stadium.

The hot weather couldn’t get in the way of the fans. Those who got standing seat tickets started to get in line from the morning to get the best view of the stage. There were crowds of people even from the subway station when it was time for the concert to begin, and they had to wait for a long time just to get in the stadium. There were also scalpers and fans who couldn’t get the tickets wandering outside of the stadium.

BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary concert was indeed a huge blast. BIGBANG has created another legend with the concert.

Source: YG Entertainment(ChoiceNews)

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