Monday, August 22, 2016

[Concert] The Five Bad Boys of BIGBANG Look Back on their Past Ten Years

“This is a historic concert. I’ve never seen so many people at a concert in Korea. It was in 2006, and it was the day when I appeared on TV to promote “CELEBRITY” for the last time. YANG HYUN SUK and I were watching BIGBANG’s debut stage. He said to me that ‘Those guys will rock the world in the future’. BIGBANG is a group that grows every day while maintaining their unique identity. “

PSY talked about BIGBANG’s debut stage when he appeared as a guest at BIGBANG’s 10thanniversary concert, which took place on August 20 at the World Cup Stadium. The global star praised BIGBANG for keeping their style of music for the past ten years. The concert was indeed a journey into the past ten years of BIGBANG.

65,000 people came to see BIGBANG despite the scorching heat, and the concert looked like a “little Asia.” Fans from Japan, China, and even Southeast Asian countries cheered when the screen showed BIGBANG’s hit-medley video before the concert.

When the concert finally began at 7 PM, music videos of “BAE BAE”, “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE”, and “SOBER” were played. Fans cheered loudly watching the faces of members on the screen. A video showing celebratory remarks and members was played afterwards.

Wearing silver costumes, BIGBANG members appeared on the main stage, which had a large three-storey pyramid lift. They shouted out, “10thanniversary of BIGBANG! Let’s start the party!” and sang “WE LIKE 2 PARTY”. G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, SEUNGRI went up on a lift on one side and T.O.P and DAESUNG on another one so that they could move to the very end of the stage.

Unlike other singers who go on a lift when the concert is coming to an end, BIGBANG heated up the atmosphere by moving via lifts at the very beginning of their concert. For the “HANDS UP” performance, members changed lifts.

G-DRAGON said, “Hi, I’m G-DRAGON and I’ve been the leader of BIGBANG for ten years now. I hope you enjoy the concert.” DAESUNG thanked the audience for coming to their concert in such a hot weather by saying, “It’s already hot. But let’s heat things up and enjoy the party!”

BIGBANG then performed “BAD BOY” and “LOSER”. Because of the hot weather, the members looked tired at times, but they quickly regained strength and continued on. To prevent the audience from fainting, the members gave time for them to take short rests.

The concert was filmed to be released as a DVD, and this was why YG Entertainment put so much into the concert. The stage consisted mainly of large lifts, and four outdoor broadcasting vans, 30 cameras, and a wire-cam were used to record BIGBANG’s concert. The members didn’t forget to look at the camera during their performances.

Three large LED screens were installed, one on the main stage and two on the side, so that the audience don’t miss a moment. Delay speakers were placed at ten spots to provide high-quality sound to all the seats. Every time BIGBANG finished singing a song, fireworks went off. The sound and the set were fabulous, fit for the 10thanniversary concert of BIGBANG.

When it was his time to say a word, DAESUNG said, “I wanted to do a concert in Korea because I love your passion. I would like to thank those who have come from other countries too.” G-DRAGON said, “I was worried that we wouldn’t be popular in Korea because we’ve been doing concerts outside of Korea for such a long time. Thank you all for coming.”

BIGBANG members also did solo performances. DAESUNG sang “WINGS” and “LOOK AT ME GWISOON” in a jacket that had embroidered arms. He sang G-DRAGON’s “CROOKED” with SEUNGRI after SEUNGRI finished his “STRONG BABY” performance.

G-DRAGON sang “HEARTBREAKER” and “CRAYON”, TAEYANG sang “EYES, NOSE, LIPS”, “LOOK AT ME ONLY”, and T.O.P performed “ACT LIKE NOTHING IS WRONG” and “DOOM DADA” for their solo performances. In between solo performances, members put on unit performances such as GD&T.O.P’s “HIGH HIGH” and GD&TAEYANG’s “GOOD BOY”.

BIGBANG debuted at YG Family’s 10thanniversary concert, which was held at Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on August 19, 2006. For the past ten years, BIGBANG have done their style of music. BIGBANG’s melodies are pleasant to the ear, yet, their music has its roots in hip-hop, the main genre of YG Entertainment. The five “bad boys” of BIGBANG made a decade worth of YG’s know-how into their own and opened a whole new decade for YG.

After singing “HARU HARU”, “IF YOU” and “BANG BANG BANG”, BIGBANG said, “YG brought BIGBANG together. There are many people here today, and it is because of you we have become who we are today. 10thanniversary means a lot to us, and we’re happy to be celebrating this special occasion. We’re trying to draw the big picture for the next ten years of BIGBANG”.

Source: YG Entertainment(MK Star)

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