Friday, May 22, 2015

[NEWS] “Power of All-Kill”: BIGBANG’s Return of the King

BIGBANG’s presence was indeed enormous. From music charts, promotion videos and music programs, they simply “all-killed” (a term used when a K-pop track sweeps across all charts and programs) the music world.

BIGBANG topped Mnet’s M Countdown aired on May 21 with their newest track “LOSER” and seized their 8th trophy. They were unable to attend the show, but this was their second one in a row on the same show, which was certainly a proof of their status in the music industry.

After championing MBC’s Show! Music Center without even making a comeback on the show, they seized the trophy on May 9, which was followed by SBS’s Inkigayo on 9, Mnet’s M Countdown on 14, KBS 2TV’s Music Bank on 15, Show! Music Center on 16, Inkigayo again on 17, and MBC Music’s Music Show! Champion on 20. With such a good start, BIGBANG is expected to sweep across the entire music world with the songs that will be consecutively released until August.

BIGBANG who unveiled “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” on May 1 is setting a new record for a “perfect all-kill” on music charts. In various charts their song occupied the first two slots, receiving excellent reviews for their musical talents and public preference. They successfully swept across the music world with both songs.

Their popularity is borderless. The new tracks topped iTunes main single chart Top Single Songs in Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan while ranking within the top 10 in Sweden, the Czech Republic and Canada. They were at #40 on America’s iTunes single Hot 100, setting the highest record for a K-Pop track.

But their popularity in China was most notable. Back in the time of their comeback, whopping 952 million local fans used BIGBANG-related words on various search engines. On China’s largest portal QQ Music, BIGBANG’s track topped the chart. “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” again took the top two slots on QQ Music K-Pop category.

The music videos are a huge hit as well. The two tracks are accompanied by very different videos, attracting more than 1 million viewers every day. Each hit 21 million and 17 million views, proving undying popularity. BIGBANG even unveiled a secret unveiled clip to repay the enthusiastic fans.

But what’s more, this is just the beginning. BIGBANG will be releasing new songs every month until August 1, so all eyes are on the quintet to see what they have prepared for us from now on. As they have dominated everything from music charts, programs and videos, their upcoming tracks will be attracting even more attention.

Since BIGBANG has proven the “Return of the King,” it is highly exciting to see what kind of charms they will bring in with their new songs on the 1st of next month.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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