Friday, May 22, 2015

[NEWS] BIGBANG Members Choose Who They Would Date If They were Girls

After spending ten years together, the BIGBANG members decided who they would date if they were girls.

On May 21, BIGBANG appeared as guests on KBS′Happy Together in the BIGBANG Special.

During the program, the members were asked which members they would or wouldn′t date if they were girls.

G-Dragon said he wouldn′t date T.O.P because he would be too popular amongst the girls, while T.O.P shared that he wants to date all the members because the members′ personalities are so different from each other.

Taeyang hesitantly chose Daesung, with T.O.P chirping in that he personally would get really hurt if he ever dated Daesung because Daesung is so dangerous.

When asked why, Taeyang explained, "He makes people really fall in love with him. Some women who fall for Daesung can′t seem to fall back out. Even though many years pass, they still try to keep in contact with him."

When Seungri was asked who he wants to date, he said, "I want to date myself."

Daesung answered G-Dragon, explaining, "Because he′s rich!"

Source: KBS, enewsworld

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