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[Star Cast] BIGBANG ‘MADE’s first Australian tour!! Let’s go and join it!

World-class idol group BIGBANG who has been meeting fans around the world in their world tour “MADE” recently! BIGBANG who had finished their North American tour in Las Vegas, LA, Anaheim, Mexico, New Jersey, and Canada that drew total 87,000 fans in a great success has flown to Australia.

It was the first time for BIGBANG to perform in Australia! Therefore, local fans showed enormous interest in the news about BIGBANG’s first-ever concert in the country. BIGBANG members themselves were also excited about seeing Australian fans for the first time. BIGBANG fascinated total 35,000 fans for two days on the 17 and 18 this month by having concert at SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK ALLPHONES ARENA in Sydney and on the 21 at ROD LAVER ARENA in Melbourne.

BIGBANG is the first-ever Korean singer who has ever recorded sold-out tickets for an arena tour in Australia. Local staff was also deeply impressed by the tour and extolled it by calling it “crazy show” and “amazing show”! That is what BIGBANG is always like, who presents “unprecedentedly” perfect performances without fail. Now, let’s go visit BIGBANG’s first concert in Australia, which was held in Sydney.

1. Sydney

Fans’ surprise event for BIGBANG, in front of the Allphones Arena!

All Phones Arena was full of energy from even before the beginning of the concert, with full excitement and passion of fans!! The photo is showing BIGBANG fans who are presenting BIGBANG cover dance to BIGBANG music or flash mob with unique dances. You can see how fans are happy waiting for a BIGBANG concert, can’t you?

Local audience filling up Sydney Olympic Park Allphones Arena!

BIGBANG drew as many as 23,000 fans for the two days’ concert held in Sydney! The tickets for the Sydney concert which was scheduled only for the 17 were all sold out immediately upon the opening of the ticket sale. Fans who failed to get the ticket requested an additional concert, even submitting written petitions for more concerts. Finally, one more day of concert was confirmed, to live up to fans’ great passion for BIGBANG concert!

Fans filling up the concert hall are creating a great spectacle!

G-DRAGON in a new hairdo!

G-DRAGON always creates sensation by presenting new styles! His style newly shown at the Australia concert also created sensation!

Serious TAEYANG concentrating on his emotions

TAEYANG is concentrating on his emotions, for a perfect performance. Everyone would fall in love with TAEYANG’s sweet and soulful voice resonating in the concert hall! Fans were holding their breath to concentrate on TAEYANG’s voice.

T.O.P looking even greater in a mint-colored jacket with unique patterns!

T.O.P’s visual, which is much more than the word “handsome”! He is showing even more sophisticated fashion in a mint-colored jacket. You can see his exceptional charm and appeal, can’t you?

Fans’ “BLUE” event that colored the concert hall with blue

When the song “BLUE” began, fans colored the entire concert hall with blue. That was a special event prepared by fans for BIGBANG. The fans united in the blue color are creating quite impressive spectacle.

G-DRAGON presenting a stuffed koala to a fan!

G-DRAGON presents a stuffed koala to a fan, during an encore performance! Imagine how much the heart of the fan pounded! She must have been the one envied by everyone at the concert.

Finale performance that marked the end of the concert

The fancy finale performance made the night in Sydney so unforgettable.

BIGBANG concert that made headlines of “Sydney Morning Herald”!

“Sydney Morning Herald”, one of major media outlets in Australia, made headlines with BIGBANG concert, proving the high popularity of BIGBANG in the country. This shows how big world-wide popularity BIGBANG is enjoying around the world. BIGBANG’s fancy performance in Sydney. Local fans will be able to experience it once again soon.

2. Melbourne

Now, it is time to move onto Melbourne! In the afternoon on the 21, high energy was already surrounding Melbourne ROD LAVER ARENA, from even before the beginning of the concert! Fans flocked to the hall, to see BIGBANG. The arena filled up with fans waiting for BIGBANG! Shall we go?

Audience in Melbourne, flocking to the arena to see BIGBANG

After the Sydney concert that drew 23,000 fans, 12,000 fans flocked to the Melbourne concert. Even from a long time before the beginning of the concert, fans were already there at the concert hall! Fans who do not have tickets also visited the hall, to share and enjoy the excitement together.

Beautiful Australian fans!!

Is every BIGBANG fans beautiful like them? These girls’ brilliant beauty and “Bang Bong”, a must-have item for a BIGBANG concert, also stood out!

12,000 fans filling up the concert hall! “Shout out!”

The concert hall in Melbourne got filled with fans’ acclamation, upon the appearance of BIGBANG on the stage! Fans were chanting the name of BIGBANG! The concert hall was filled with fans’ passion and excitement. These are great fans who cheered for every small movement of BIGBANG so enthusiastically. The time for BIGBANG and fans to become one!

DAESUNG with a very special mood!

DAESUNG is fully concentrating on his performance of “LOSER”, one of the hits of BIGBANG’s “MADE” series. Fans were also singing along the chorus of the song, to cheer for him!

SEUNGRI concentrating on singing with a standing microphone held in his hands!

SEUNGRI is usually the one who lifts up the atmosphere! However, he is always seriously gorgeous on the stage, to make the hearts of fans beat.

BIGBANG who presented a variety of spectacles with sentimental and powerful performances

BIGBANG waiving their hand with staff to fans after the concert

Dancers and band members for BIGBANG “MADE” tour

These people are the dancers and band members who have carried out BIGBANG’s “MADE” tour! They are the ones who make BIGBANG concert perfect. Thank you everybody!!!

After the end of the Australia tour in a great success with full support from fans, BIGBANG will continue with the tour to hold concert on the 23 to 25 this month in Macao and then from November to January next year in Japan. BIGBANG who is proving their world-wide popularity by performing in every corner of the world! Fans are paying keen attention to what new appeals will be unveiled by BIGBANG who always captivate fans with unprecedentedly large-scale and great concerts. You can look forward to the new and upgraded performance of BIGBANG!

Source: YG Entertainment(Naver TV Star Cast)

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