Monday, October 26, 2015

[NEWS] BIGBANG finished Macao concert in success “fascinating 30,000 fans”

The first Macao concert of BIGBANG’s world tour “BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR ‘MADE’” drew 30,000 fans.

According to YG Entertainment on the 26 this month, BIGBANG held a concert at Cotai Arena of Benecian Macao located in Macao for three days from the 23 to 25. BIGBANG presented perfect and fancy live performances in the concert, to fascinate 30,000 fans.

The tickets for the concert were all sold out four days before the concert, even though it was the first BIGBANG concert in Macao. Notably, BIGBANG set a record of holding three consecutive arena tours in the territory, for the first time as a non-Chinese singer.

Local fans showed enormous interest and support for the concert, as they have long waited for BIGBANG concert. Fans were crowding the Hong Kong Ferry Terminal and Macao Airport, the gateway to Macao. The lobby of Benecian Hotel, the entrance to the concert hall, was also crowded with fans waiting for entry, proving BIGBANG’s big global popularity.

A fan from Hong Kong named Yumi talked about the reason why she came to BIGBANG concert, saying, “I became BIGBANG’s fan when I heard “LOVE SONG” in 2013. I visited Hong Kong concert in June and am here again because I really wanted to see BIGBANG again.” Fans all entered the concert hall before the beginning and heated up the hall by acclaiming for BIGBANG and singing along the songs when music videos began to be played on the screen.

BIGBANG started off with “BANG BANG BANG” and presented passionate performances of past hits like “TONIGHT“, “STUPID LIAR”, “HARU HARU”, as well as “MADE” series’ “LOSER”, “BAE BAE”, “IF YOU”, and “SOBER”, and members’ solo songs, for more than two hours. Notably, during the performance of “HARU HARU” and “LOSER”, numerous fans sang along the chorus, to cheer for BIGBANG. To give back to such big support from fans, TAEYANG sang Chinese song “月亮代表我的心” which is famous as an original sound track of film “Almost a Love Story” unaccompanied, with fans.

Plus, in the second day’s concert on the 24, a surprise event for T.O.P’s birthday on the 4 next month was held, to draw a big attention. For T.O.P who calls himself “ghost”, fans held a placard that read “Happy birthday ghost, happy birthday to T.O.P”. They sang a happy birthday song with the other members, to deeply touch T.O.P. SEUNGRI asked T.O.P to express his emotions in dance, then he showed a comical and exciting dance, to express his gratitude to fans who prepared the surprise event.

Meanwhile, now that the Macao concert for three days was finished in a great success, “‘BIGBANG WORLD TOUR 2015~2016 ‘MADE’ IN JAPAN” will begin from Tokyo dome concert, to be held from November 12 to 15. Plus, BIGBANG will meet domestic fans at “2015 Melon Music Awards” to be held on November 7 at the Olypmic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul.

Source: YG Entertainment(XsportsNews)

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