Sunday, May 10, 2015

[NEWS] BIGBANG’s Lease Renewal… When Will It End?

When would be the heyday of BIGBANG, who celebrates their 10th year of debut? Starting from “LIES” (2007), “HARU HARU” (2008), “TONIGHT” (2011) to “FANTASTIC BABY” (2012), there are many hit songs produced by the quintet. But it doesn’t take long to think what their best song is. The answer is their “next album.”

BIGBANG released a single titled “M” for the first time in 3 years. They swept across music charts home and abroad. Their popularity hasn’t diminished at all from back in 2007. But what is different now is that they now have “VIP” fans all across the world, and they are now equipped with the capacity to leave tens of thousands of fans in awe. Their attitude for music remains exactly the same.

BIGBANG, being interviewed recently, told the reporters that they have already talked about where they stood 1 or 2 years ago. TAEYANG said, “We may have already had our heyday, but there may be more to come.” T.O.P said, “I think our today is better than our yesterday. We are not looking for future success. That’s not where our ambitions lie. We are doing this because we love and want to continue to enjoy it.”

In fact BIGBANG wasn’t spotlighted immediately when they made a debut. Their start was quite dynamic with the entire reality program, but they were deeply concerned as they couldn’t produce a hit song after one year of their debut. But in 2007 “LIES” and “LAST FAREWELL” put them on stardom equal to that of Wonder Girls, leading them to their first heyday.

They set themselves apart by producing music that cut across digital and analogue sentiments as singer-songwriter idol group. Many idol groups that made a debut around the time of BIGBANG’s appearance now faded into history. BIGBANG’s longevity can be attributed to their solid musical foundation. To add to this, the members pursue strong individuality while also showcasing an incredible synchronization. Their fans not only consist of young girls but also males. The solo albums of each five member broadened their musical spectrum as well.

BIGBANG, at the time of their debut in 2006, appealed their determination to “become artists that surprise the world.” It has been long since their ambition came true. They were the first foreign artists in Japan to hold the Dome Tour for 2 years in a row, and their newest tracks occupied the top two slots of Billboard’s World Digital Songs.

Members unanimously say that their success came after “much hardship and ordeal.” Before a systematic training scheme was implemented in YG Entertainment, they were simply trainees hungry for music. They didn’t even have enough money to buy a bag of chips and had to beg the filming director to buy them some. It is a past not many people can imagine, considering their hugely successful present.

GD commented, “If we became #1 immediately after our debut, our passion and success would not have lasted this long. We work hard for our future because our ordeals of the past are still with us.”

BIGBANG is the textbook example of an idol group becoming an “artist.” Their peak heyday may have passed, but it is undeniable that they are still one of the best. BIGBANG is always running towards the top, and their following work is simply unpredictable. Just this year, the “A”, “D”, and “E” projects are awaiting us, while in September a full album is to be unveiled.

When asked what their favorite song is, TAEYANG answered, “I hope it will always be our ‘next’ song. It is hard for a song to satisfy us 100%, so that is why we keep producing music. We are in perfect tune with each other and have accumulated much experience at this point, so we can call this our heyday. We surely are equipped with the right things to maximize our potential and reach the highest point.”

Soutce: YG Entertainment(XsportsNews)

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