Sunday, May 10, 2015

[INTERVIEW] BIGBANG Says Trainees These Days Don′t Really Know What It Means to Be Hungry

Now with almost 10 years of experience, BIGBANG reminisced about its trainee days.

Gathering together as a group after three years, BIGBANG carried out an interview with Newsen at a hotel in Yeouido as the members talked about their tough trainee years and gave some pointers to the trainees in YG Entertainment now.

Having debuted in 2006 with BIGBANG, T.O.P was asked how he feels with the 10th anniversary coming up soon. "We never fought once. I don′t think time is really important right now. Maybe because we all lived without the concept of time, but we don′t think it′s important."

"When we were trainees, our company was struggling. In the difficult environment, we struggled as well. Now the YG system has changed a lot, and when we see the kids learning under that scene, we think that it′s a difficult situation to learn about really longing something," said G-Dragon and Taeyang.

"When we were young, we experienced that hunger so much. If we had received number one as soon as we debuted, we think we wouldn′t have kept that passion alive for long. We were a group that didn′t even get close to a number one for the first two years."

Taeyang continued, "When we were trainees, we loved snacks. It would get hard during practice so we craved snacks, but we didn′t have money to buy them. So when we were filming the Big Bang documentary, we asked the PD to buy us snacks. If we ordered food more than once a day, we would get called in and scolded. We couldn′t spend more than 5,000 won each. We didn′t want to get scolded, so we ordered just enough. We still talk about that a lot."

"Of course, financially, it′s gotten a lot better. We have more options to choose from. In a way, we might have held it all in to be able to do this now," said G-Dragon.

After spending close to 10 years in the industry, BIGBANG has gone through plenty of incidents and events. Have they ever thought about when their highest peak was?

"To a certain extent, it′s correct to set a peak, but we believe that we might have already passed our peak or that another peak may come. Because of that, we wondered if there was a reason to decide when our peak is," saig G-Dragon and Taeyang.

"If we wanted to be like Michael Jackson, we wouldn′t be able to feel the satisfaction in our situation now. We don′t want to do that. Instead of setting a limit and reaching for it, I believe there is a better thing out there if we go without deciding on anything."

"If we look back now, we won′t know when our peak was. We think we′ll know if we wait a bit longer."

BIGBANG released Loser and Bae Bae on May 1. The group will release new songs at the beginning of each month until August and release the full album Made on September 1.

BIGBANG will also embark on its world tour through Asia, America, and more to visit around 15 countries with 70 concerts and an estimate of 1,400,000 fans.

Source: enewsworld

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