Sunday, May 10, 2015

[INTERVIEW] BIGBANG Will Have No Regrets Even If Popularity Fades

When was the peak for five-member group BIGBANG?

Is it now with its new songs Loser and Bae Baebecoming a hit around the world?

The members shared their honest thoughts.

On May 4, BIGBANG appeared at a press conference at the Conrad Hotel in Yeouido, where the members were asked if they think they′ve hit their peak.

"I recently talked to G-Dragon about this question," said Taeyang. "We wondered if there was a reason to decide when our peak is. If we wanted to be like Michael Jackson, we wouldn′t be able to feel the satisfaction in our situation now. We don′t want to do that."

"When people ask which BIGBANG song is the best, I honestly want people say the next song," continued Taeyang. "Personally, I think right now is the best time. We have experience and we have aged for the most part. I can′t say it′s our peak now, but I think we′re in the best condition to hit our peak."

BIGBANG returned as a group on May 1 with Bae Bae and Loser. Following a midnight release, the songs shot up to the top of the music charts in Korea, China and other parts of Asia, bringing up comments that BIGBANG is hitting their highest point now.

"Instead of setting a limit and reaching for it, I believe there is a better thing out there if we go without deciding on anything," said G-Dragon. "More than saying right now is our peak, we′re creating an album that′ll make us say ′Those were the best times,′ when we think about it in a few years."

"Up to this point, today has always been better than yesterday. Truthfully, there′s no one in BIGBANG who has the ambition to succeed," added T.O.P. "We just love this so much that we′re enjoying it. Even as time passes and our popularity fades, we won′t regret it. We′re thankful to be even happy now."

Source: enewsworld

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