Thursday, January 12, 2017

[Yesterday TV] GD’s “ShaShaSha”, T.O.P’s “BANG BANGBANG” twice fast…“Thank you for your appearance in ‘Weekly Idol’”

“The TV show in which BIGBANG worked the hardest in 10 years”

G-DRAGON showed the “ShaShaSha” dance of TWICE and T.O.P did the dance of “BANG BANGBANG”twice fast. Where could we watch such scenes? It was possible as it was “Weekly Idol” show.

The second BIGBANG episode was aired in MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” show aired on January 11. The main theme of the previous BIGBANG episode was random play dance, but the second episode presented a wider variety of spectacles.

The four members of BIGBANG other than G-DRAGON sang a medley of cute songs, to get G-DRAGON’s black card. T.O.P’s cute but freaky dance, DAESUNG’s attractive smile with eyes, TAEYANG’s charming but manly acting, as well as SEUNGRI’s cute singing with all his body completed the cutie BIGBANG medley, which has never been presentedagainsince the time of their debut.

BIGBANG members also presented girl group dances. TAEYANG boasted his powerful but cute appeal by performing “BOOMBAYAH” and “Rough”. T.O.P became the “sexy fool T.O.P”again by performing the sexy dance of “Abracadabra”. G-DRAGON and DAESUNG boasted their cute appeals by performing the dance of“Cheer Up”.

SEUNGRI picked G-DRAGON and DAESUNG as the finalists, holding the card in his hand firmly. Then, the two performed I.O.I’s “Pick Me”. Viewers acclaimed thesurprising two-shot of G-DRAGON and DAESUNG doing the dance of “Pick Me” together.

The ending of the second BIGBANG episode was dance of a twice fast speed. The MCs of the show promised that the twice-fast dance session would be canceled if BIGBANG members promise to appear in the show next time again. But T.O.P who was unusually happy on the day shouted he will do it. Eventually, BIGBANG members first said goodbye and then tried the twice-fast dance of “BANG BANGBANG”.

That created an unprecedentedly eye-catching spectacle. BIGBANG presented the perfectly disciplined group dance to twice-fast “BANG BANGBANG”. The five members danced perfectly, boasting the veteran skills of an idol boy group in the 10th year from their debut. Fans who were watching BIGBANG on TV shouted in joy.

BIGBANG poured out all their playfulness and talent in “Weekly Idol” show. The MCs made full use of BIGBANG who said they would never appear in the show again. That was how the legendary episode of “Weekly Idol” show was born.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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