Thursday, January 12, 2017

[MD Review] “Worked the hardest today in 10 years”… BIGBANG unwound in “Weekly Idol”

“Worked the hardest today in 10 years!”

BIGBANG appeared in MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” show aired on January 11.

First, “Show me the president’s credit card”competition whose winner can use YG YANG HYUN SUK’s credit card freely was changed into “Show me BIGBANG members’ card”. The winner of the competition could use the credit card of each member of BIGBANG. The mission given to the competition was to sing cute songs. BIGBANG members worked so hard to win the competition, singing the cutie song which G-DRAGON once sang alone in “Weekly Idol” show in the past.

Watching SEUNGRI’s over-action in his performance of the cutie song, G-DRAGON said, “That is so disgusting. I feel like throwing up”. Eventually, SEUNGRI won the competition and became able to buy a laptop with G-DRAGON’s credit card.

Then, BIGBANG members boasted the flexibility of their waists and then showed free-style rapping, making everyone burst into laughter.

SEUNGRI further brightened up the atmosphere, performing the dance of I.O.I’s “Pick Me”. All the BIGBANG members also engaged in competition of girl group dance.

TAEYANG was the first and he performed BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” and GFRIEND’s “Rough”. T.O.P caught the eyes by shaking his hips to Brown Eyed Girls’“Abracadabra”. T.O.P’s dance was too suggestive, so the other members tried to stop him.

G-DRAGON presented the “ShaShaSha” dance of TWICE’s “Cheer Up”. G-DRAGON’s coy and attractive performance was acclaimed by everyone. DAESUNG also received big applause by showing a perfect dance of “Cheer Up”.

SEUNGRI suggested G-DRAGON and DAESUNG’s competition of performing “Pick Me”. G-DRAGON was so shy and shouted “Hey, let’s stop”, but soon completed the performance with DAESUNG. G-DRAGON shouted with a sigh, “I worked the hardest today in 10 years since my debut. I don’t understand why I should have done this here.”

Source: YG Entertainment(myDaily)

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