Friday, December 23, 2016

[STARCAST] Behind the Scenes of BIGBANG’s Comeback Stage

here are so many colorful shoes. Whose shoes are these?

These belong to BIGBANG, who has recently released a regular album in eight years as the finale of its MADE series albums, “MADE THE FULL ALBUM”!

BIGBANG performed its new songs for the first time on a music show that aired on December 18. Let’s find out what behind the scenes looked like.

Who arrived at the studio first? As expected, DAESUNG was the first member to arrive at the studio.

The second member was G-DRAGON, who has been leading the group for ten years now. Although it is very early in the morning, he looks so cool.

The third member to arrive at the set was T.O.P. He in a hurry worried that he might be late.

A moment later, TAEYANG arrived. Being the sweetie he is, TAEYANG sees the camera and makes a “v”.

SEUNGRI was the last one to arrive. He looks so relaxed. Everyone is here now. Let’s go and see what their waiting room looks like.

It seems like TAEYANG is all done, and he is checking the props for their very first stage.

TAEYANG is taking a picture of SEUNGRI, who fell asleep, to congratulate him again, “Happy Birthday, Bro!”

G-DRAGON just got his makeup all done, and he is looking at the mirror to get for the stage.

T.O.P is getting his hair done. What more can I say. He just looks gorgeous, like he always does.

No doubt every girl would want to be T.O.P’s “GIRLFRIEND”.

The stylist is doing her best to make DAESUNG’s new “Doctor Strange” hairdo perfect.

He’s trying to relax his nerves before going up on the stage.

SEUNGRI is looking more handsome day by day.

Checking the outfit for the one last time!

You definitely need to drink water before you go up on the stage.

Now, all the five members are ready! They’re all set to go!

Wondering what their stage looked like?

You’ll sure be seeing a lot of BIGBANG performing the songs of its “MADE THE FULL ALBUM”! Be sure to check out BIGBANG’s “MADE THE FULL ALBUM”!’


Source: YG Entertainment(Naver StarCast)

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