Friday, December 23, 2016

[Midnight TV] “Unrivaled sense of humor” BIGBANG… Were you really afraid of appearing in “Radio Star”?

BIGBANG boasted unrivaled wit and sense of humor in “Radio Star” show.

BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON, T.O.P, TAEYANG, DAESUNG, and SEUNGRI appeared in MBC’s “Radio Star” show aired on the 21.

BIGBANG boasted an unrivalled wit and sense of humor in “Radio Star”. The members said that they had been “afraid of appearing in ‘Radio Star’ show”, but they soon began to reveal each other’s behind-the-scenes private lives as well as behind stories of their experiences for the past 10 years, without hesitation.

BIGBANG members’ romantic relationships were the hottest topic for talk. Most idol singers would not reveal the stories of their relationships, but BIGBANG openly talked about their relationships humorously, as veteran idol singers who have experienced this and that for the past 10 years.

Notably, TAEYANG honestly talked about his relationship with actress Min Hyo-rin. He confessed that the story of his song “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” is about Min Hyo-rin and then expressed his affection for her. The other members also talked about TAEYANG’s relationship and exposed each other’s relationships and style of dating.

That was not all. The members also openly talked about the relationship between YANG HYUN SUK and BIGBANG. SEUNGRI made all the people burst into laughter, by confessing how much difficulty he feels in his relationship with YANG HYUN SUK and with T.O.P.

T.O.P explained about the weird photos he posted on his social media account. His whimsical way of running a social media account made even his fans unfollow him on the social media platform. He explained what he thinks on each of those photos and what others said about them.

T.O.P also talked about what he feels about his imminent mandatory military service. T.O.P said, “I feel like all the water in my body is draining out of me, as the day for me to join the police approaches” and G-DRAGON also said, “He cries a lot these days, expecting the day of joining the police”, mentioning that T.O.P is a tender-hearted man.

BIGBANG members also talked about the business run by SEUNGRI. SEUNGRI’s wide personal connections and how he runs his business were unveiled by the other members, and SEUNGRI emphasized how much he works hard.

The members also boasted their personal talents. Voice imitations of different styles triggered tons of laughter. To the extent that no one would believe that BIGBANG had been “afraid of ‘Radio Star’”, BIGBANG members revealed each other’s secrets and boasted their sense of humor without any hesitation. They were incredibly fun and their wit made everyone burst into big laughter.

The BIGBANG episode of “Radio Star” show continues next week as well. It is hard to believe that there is more to be unveiled, after all those talks and wit presented by BIGBANG in this week’s “Radio Star” show.

Source: YG Entertainment(myDaily)


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