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[Pop-up Review] “BIGBANG MADE”, #performance #members #future of BIGBANG who celebrates the 10th anniversary of debut

The way of BIGBANG’s celebration of the 10th anniversary of their debut is so special.

“BIGBANG MADE”, the first of projects prepared to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut, was unveiled in the media preview held in the afternoon on the 28. “BIGBANG MADE” is a documentary film that depicts the 340-day-long world tour concert “MADE” held in 32 cities in 13 countries.

“It is like the excited feeling you feel before you go to see your loved one after a long time”

On May 1 last year, BIGBANG excited fans by releasing new songs three years after “STILL ALIVE” released in 2012. Under the name of “MADE” series, BIGBANG released a single album with more than one song every month for four months until August that year. Wondering about the outcome? Every song swept music charts upon its release and music fans could see unusual phenomenon of BIGBANG songs taking top places on charts away from other BIGBANG songs.

After making the long-awaited comeback, BIGBANG went off for their second world tour beginning from a concert in Seoul. BIGBANG who stood before fans as a complete team after a long time of absence made much effort to present more perfect performances. In order to show perfectly flawless performances, all the members actively took part in the preparation, from the very beginning. As the members themselves had such high expectations for the tour, they felt bigger disappointment when things did not turn out as planned. The hard-work put in the preparation of BIGBANG’s tour concert is all vividly demonstrated in movie “BIGBANG MADE”.

BIGBANG members encouraged concert staff and sometimes, they gave bitter criticism for a better concert. They tried to take care of every single detail including whether to call the city they were in “LA” or “OC”. As a result, fans acclaimed everything BIGBANG showed on the stage. The images of the concert in movie “MADE” give a chance to experience the heat of the concert, though indirectly.

“He gets upset when I do it. That looks really cute”

Documentary film “BIGBANG MADE” also demonstrates BIGBANG’s fun everyday lives, not just their performances on the stage. All the members are professionals who have been standing on the stage for 11 years when performing, but in their everyday lives, they are Gwon Ji-yong, Dong Young-bae, Choi Seung-hyun, Kang Daesung, and Lee Seung-hyun, men in their twenties who give off different appeals.

They made jokes on one another in waiting room, taking video of other members in shower, saying some bad words to others’ naughty jokes. When they were shooting the music video of “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” while drunken in Jeju Island, they looked just like mischievous boys travelling and playing with friends.

The members were like family for the staff and the closest and dearest friends for each other, who are going through the most shining chapter in their lives together. That is well-displayed in the honest conversations and interviews of the members, in “BIGBANG MADE”.

“I thought these days would never come again”

BIGBANG openly talked about some sensitive and heavy topics as well, in movie “BIGBANG MADE”. They answered to questions about the renewal of the contract with the current label as well as BIGBANG’s future, which are the questions about which fans are most curious.

When BIGBANG came back to the music scene after a long-time absence, the issue of BIGBANG’s choice was raised. Many people paid keen attention to whether BIGBANG will renew their contract with YG Entertainment. However, in last November, BIGBANG decided to stay with YG Entertainment, saying that “We have never thought of leaving YG, as it is like our home”. Even though it is true that there have been some moments of crisis so far, the members reached an agreement to stably maintain the team.

BIGBANG members also opened talked about what they felt like about their imminent military service. Nobody knows when the members could stand on the stage as a complete team again. The members said that they worked even harder to give a good memory for foreign fans, as they don’t know when they could see overseas fans again.

As such, “BIGBANG MADE” depicts the life of the top idol group who celebrates the 10thanniversary of their debut, as well as the daily lives of the members of the group who are also young men living their lives with fierce efforts. The movie openly talks about BIGBANG’s true hearts to look back the past 10 years of BIGBANG’s history and to make fans have even bigger expectations for the next 10 years. The movie will be released to the general public on June 30.

Source: YG Entertainment(TheHeraldPop)

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