Wednesday, June 29, 2016

[NEWS] BIGBANG will hold 10th anniversary concert “0.TO.10” on August 20… Confirmed

BIGBANG will hold a concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut.

“BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT – ‘0.TO.10’”, BIGBANG’s concert for the 10th anniversary of their debut, will be held on August 20 at Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul. The concert is expected to be the highlight of projects for BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary. Ticket sale will open on July 14 at 8PM on Auction.

BIGBANG will share meaningful time and memories with fans in the concert, with unprecedentedly large-scale stage production, performance, and event. As it is known that BIGBANG members themselves have actively taken part in the preparation for the concert by suggesting ideas in the planning phase, the concert is drawing all the more anticipation.

As BIGBANG has released numerous hit songs since their debut in 2006, the concert will give a special opportunity for fans to witness the performances of BIGBANG’s early hit songs as well as recent hits.

For those who missed BIGBANG concert held in this March because of the fierce competition for tickets, the 10th anniversary concert will be all the more meaningful opportunity to witness BIGBANG’s monumental moment.

In this March, BIGBANG successfully rounded off “MADE TOUR” that drew 1.5 million fans in 32 cities in 13 countries around the world, including not only Asian countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, and Singapore, but also American and Oceanian countries including the United States, Mexico, and Canada. In the Seoul encore concert, BIGBANG members hinted on the 10th anniversary concert and now, they are fulfilling the promise.

At that time, SEUNGRI said, “We’ll hold a concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut in this summer. We’ll prepare for a longer concert at a wider, bigger, and windier place”. Leader G-DRAGON talked about his feelings for the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG, “The 10thanniversary means a lot for us as well, but I believe that there will be more days in the future for us to spend together. So, I wish we could grow old together and sing and smile with you here”.

BIGBANG who celebrates the 10th anniversary of their debut soon has been unveiling a series of projects to celebrate the anniversary one by one for fans. Film “BIGBANG MADE”, the first of the projects, will be released on June 30 at CGV’s general theaters and Screen X theaters.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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