Friday, June 3, 2016

[NEWS] “BIGBANG MADE”, documentary film about BIGBANG’s world tour is released on June 30… On Screen X

Global artist BIGBANG and Korea’s proprietary new technology “Screen X” have met, to give a new shot.

CGV announced that it has produced Screen X version of “BIGBANG MADE”, a music documentary film that celebrates the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut, which will be released on June 30.

“BIGBANG MADE” is a music documentary film that shows BIGBANG’s world tour concert held from April last year until March this year in 30 cities in 13 countries, as well as behind stories and the members’ honest interviews. CGV directly filmed the entire concert of BIGBANG with “Three CAM”, in order to produce the Screen X version of the film. Three interlinked cameras created realistic angle of view of the concert. Such state-of-the-art technology helps the completed film to realize the sense of immersion and excitement of the concert for viewers on the three-side screen. Plus, computer graphic offers richer information on the screen on the left and right sides. The technology of Screen X gives such unmatched entertainment to viewers.

The collaboration between BIGBANG and Screen X is expected to give a fresh shock to the culture industry of in and out of the country. BIGBANG is a musician who represents Korea. BIGBANG has exercised great influence not only in the field of music but also in the entire cultural world, by carrying out a variety of artistic activities including art exhibitions. CGV’s multi-side theater Screen X is the leading example of Culture Technology, which is given keen attention by not only domestic but also global film industry. The fact that the two powerhouses in the cultural industry have joined forces for a new trial is drawing keen attention. The collaboration is expected to give CGV an opportunity to further enhance the potential of Screen X in other fields in the culture industry.

Mr. Kim Jong-chan, the head of CGV’s Screen X team, said, “BIGBANG’s MADE has quality contents and Screen X’s ideas and technological devices further enhanced the quality and amusement of the contents. The collaboration between Screen X and BIGBANG will give quality contents of the Korean Wave to be introduced to the world’s culture market based on Korea’s Culture Technology and platform.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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