Saturday, August 20, 2016

[BIGBANG 10th Anniversary ①] Steadily 10 years already… BIGBANG’s existence itself is the role model

August 19, 2006. BIGBANG was launched with full potential and big expectations from music fans. For the past 10 years since then, BIGBANG has taken No.1 for every song they released, always staying at the center of interest and spotlight. Now, BIGBANG is an unmatched idol boy group that does not need any further explanation.

BIGBANG is at the center of interest overseas as well. Foreign media outlets spotlight BIGBANG’s new songs. BIGBANG holds tour concerts not only in Asia but also in America and Europe. In 2011, BIGBANG received “MTV Europe Music Awards” for the first time for a Korean artist. Last year, American New York Times extolled BIGBANG’s concert, saying, “Boy bands were created in the United States like automobiles, but they were completed in somewhere else”.

It is only natural for BIGBANG to get such big congratulations for the 10th anniversary of their debut. Most idol boy groups broke before their 7th anniversary, failing to overcome the “7th year jinx”. One or two members of many boy bands came to stand out than others and the gap between their careers grew bigger. In the process, some of those teams’ members broke away from the teams, members changed, and some even tentatively retired. However, BIGBANG has survived through such environment. SHINHWA is the only idol boy group in Korea who has maintained the team for more than 10 years, other than BIGBANG. You can see how meaningful and great BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary is.

BIGBANG had some crisis, too. Nevertheless, BIGBANG’s teamwork grew even stronger in the process of overcoming them. In the 10thanniversary exhibition “BIGBANG10 THE EXHIBITION :A TO Z”, T.O.P said, “We have never fought so far”.

G-DRAGON said, “There have been a lot of good things, as well as bad things. The most memorable time was when I was a trainee. Since BIGBANG’s debut, we have been greatly loved, working in a very good environment. If it were not for those days of hard training, BIGBANG today would not have existed”.

TAEYANG explained, “We’ve changed in a good way, filling each other’s gaps and leading each other. We have grown older year after year, taking care of each other and maintaining good relationship”.

The existence of 10-year-long boy group is a firm role model for junior boy groups. Such big expectations for BIGBANG may be burdensome for them, but BIGBANG is drawing a bigger picture.

G-DRAGON said, “The biggest issue for us recently is what our next step will be. We’ve been so much loved by many people, but at the same time, we’ve gone through many things and overcome them. As we have been doing so far, we’ll keep living with this tension. As more people recognize us and love us, we sometimes feel burdened. Just creating good music is not enough. We want to give good influence to young generations in and out of the country”.

Such remarks are the proof of even more promising next 10 years for BIGBANG than their past 10 years.

Source: YG Entertainment(isplus.joins)

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