Monday, November 2, 2015

[NEWS] YG believed BIGBANG to the very last moment

YG Entertainment’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK has had firm trust in BIGBANG members, to the extent that he said, “I want to work with BIGBANG for the next 20 years, too”.

That shows how BIGBANG is important for YANG. BIGBANG has played the biggest role in YG’s growth into the biggest music label in Korea. It was also BIGBANG who brought the reputation as the best producer in the country to YANG. On the other hand, it was YANG HYUN SUK who made today’s BIGBANG possible. If BIGBANG did not meet YANG and grow with YANG’s support, the current success of BIGBANG would not have been possible.

However, YANG and BIGBANG are not satisfied yet. They still have a lot more to achieve. As there has been such strong trust and confidence between the two, YANG has been positive about the renewal of BIGBANG’s contract with YG.

In an interview with Daily Sports, YANG once expressed his deep affection for BIGBANG. He explained why YG wanted to renew the contract with BIGBANG, saying, “Ji-Young and TAEYANG joined YG at the age of 13, so they have been with YG for almost 15 years now. Since they are now in their mid-twenties, it’s like they have spent more than half of their lives with YG. So, of course, YG and BIGBANG have similar artistic tastes and communication between us is perfect. You know, the biggest strength of YG is that people who like the same thing are gathered together here. Even though I’m 20 years older than BIGBANG members, I really enjoy being with them. Listening to ideas of these young guys, I myself learn more from them, than they learn from me. I believe that YG’s power comes from those people who like to share and communicate about what they like.”

YANG also defined the relationship between BIGBANG and YG as “family”. “BIGBANG is a team who has grown on the ground of YG’s system. You know, I like trees and I have a lot of trees in my house. Some trees get sick of even die when they are transplanted. Even though I’m not the kind of guy who frequently expresses affection for others, since I have been with BIGBANG for more than 10 years and they are like my family now, I believe that we will have no critical disagreements”, said YANG.

There is one more thing worthwhile to mention. YANG said that he will keep helping BIGBANG even if BIGBANG decides not to renew their contract YG. He said, “Even if BIGBANG decides to leave YG and go their own way, I’ll keep helping them. I really mean it. My biggest wish for BIGBANG is to see them perform for a long period of time. It’s the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut next year, and I hope they can perform under the name of BIGBANG even when they grow older, just like Rolling Stones. And I personally wish I could help BIGBANG beside the members for a long time”.

People who like gossips have produced a lot of different speculations about the future of BIGBANG, but there has been an unshakable trust between YANG and BIGBANG. Now that all those speculations have been cleared away with the renewal of contract between the two, the future of YG and BIGBANG look even brighter.

Source: YG Entertainment(isplus.joins)

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