Monday, November 2, 2015

[NEWS] BIGBANG never wanted to leave YG

YG Entertainment’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK and BIGBANG have now gone beyond a relationship as the head of a label and its artist. Now, the two will draw a bigger picture for future as partners.

As YG announced the renewal of contract between YG and BIGBANG on November 2, people are paying keen attention to how YG could achieve it without any disagreements. The reason was just simple: the decision was made based on the loyalty and trust between the two. Working with BIGBANG for nine years since the team’s debut, YANG has turned himself from a “strict teacher” into “reliable older brother”.

Such a deep bond between the two was naturally unveiled from BIGBANG’s remarks in KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together Show” aired in May this year.

Regarding YANG’s remark that he “wants to work with BIGBANG for 20 more years”, G-DRAGON answered, “I like to work with YANG HYUN SUK for 20 more years, too. I like it because we’ll have such a big support for a long period of time”. That was an obvious and cool answer which showed BIGBANG’s thought that they do not need to think about any other support than from YG.

BIGBANG members’ bold jokes toward YANG also showed how the relationship between BIGBANG and YG is horizontal, not like that between a boss and his man. G-DRAGON was the one to kick off such bold jokes, saying, “The one who has been changed the most is president YANG”. G-DRAGON made viewers of the show burst into laughter by adding, “You know, in the past, president YANG rarely went out of his office. However, these days, he visits dermatologist so frequently and goes shopping a lot, so he seems to be thinking that he is like a super star”.

SEUNGRI added, “I think YANG cares much about what we think. He rarely stepped in our work on the new album. He just wanted us to do it on our own. We write our songs on our own, and he supports us from behind the scenes.”

Whether BIGBANG will renew their contract with YG or not has been the biggest issue and focus of interest in this year’s music scene. However, as the process of negotiations have been undisclosed, people could not see how it was going on and there have been some rumors that “G-DRAGON wants to leave YG”. However, the bond and trust between YANG and BIGBANG did not shake. Now that BIGBANG responded to YANG’s proposal to “work together for 20 more years” by renewing the contract, the future of YG has been further brightened.

Source: YG Entertainment(isplus.joins)

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