Wednesday, August 5, 2015

[NAVER V-APP] BIGBANG’s live performance to relationship counseling… Their fan service “ZUTTER”

BIGBANG came one step closer to fans, giving fans special services including explanation about their new songs, countdown for new release, relationship counseling, and introduction of the YG office.

On NAVER V-APP on August 4, “BIGBANG COUNTDOWN LIVE” was live-broadcasted. BIGBANG hosted the show at the YG office. BIGBANG members made a joke, saying, “Maybe we were bothered to go and find a place for this show”.

Then, the members introduced new album “E”. They held the yellow-colored record, saying, “It has the same color with the cheering rods for BIGBANG”, to express their affection for fans. Plus, they answered to fans’ questions about August’s new songs, by unveiling the making video of the music video of new song “ZUTTER” and “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE”.

BIGBANG members also made a lot of efforts to communicate with fans, along with explanation about the new album. They took questions from fans and gave honest answers. To a question “Where do you wanna go if you become an invisible man?”, BIGBANG gave funny answers such as “I wanna go to the room of my boss YANG HYUN SUK. I’m curious about what he does when he is alone” and “I wanna go to DAESUNG’s house. I wanna see if he really plays drum naked”.

Plus, BIGBANG gave counseling for the relationship of fans. To a question “I have a crush on a boy, but he doesn’t know my feelings. What am I to do?”, the members gave answers such as “You should be brave and confess you feelings to him” and “I know what the boy is thinking. He surely knows about your feelings and acts like that intentionally”. To a fan who said he was worried about the obsession of his girlfriend on him, the members unveiled their own experience, saying, “Things begin to get wrong from the moment when you feel it as an obsession. In hindsight, I thought that such a moment when my girlfriend had obsession on me was a happy moment”.

After the end of the show, BIGBANG announced on the next episode, saying, “We’ll show you a new BIGBANG on V-APP next time”. As the show was broadcasted one month after the previous episode, BIGBANG members communicated with fans in a more frank and friendly manner. They also expressed their affection for the show, saying, “We have nothing to do after this show. Can’t we just continue?”. BIGBANG who came to really enjoy communication with fans. More than 800,000 fans watched the live-broadcast show, showing their keen interest in BIGBANG.

On August 5 at midnight, BIGBANG’s fourth single “E” was released. The single has two songs: GD&TOP’s “ZUTTER” and BIGBANG’s “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE”.

V-APP is a mobile application service launched by NAVER in the morning on the 31 last month. Stars host their own individual broadcasting by using their mobile phone camera, to directly communicate with fans.

Source: YG Entertainment(TVReport)

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