Saturday, June 27, 2015

[INTERVIEW] YG’s YANG: “More Excited About ‘if you’ Than BIGBANG”

“I listened to the song and tears welled up. It is most likely the saddest song of all BIGBANG’s songs in the last 9 years. I am in my 40’s and I was moved significantly, so I am sure listeners in their teens or 20’s, or others, will find it very sentimental. I think it’s the first time that I am more excited about the release than BIGBANG is.”

This was a comment made by YG’s executive producer, YANG HYUN SUK, on BIGBANG’s upcoming “if you” to be released on July 1. He assured that this will be the “saddest song” of all and also explained with his thumb up that this is his “favorite” out of all the songs in the album. He stressed that this is of course his personal opinion. “When a producer assures himself that he knows what the public likes, that’s the most relentless and dangerous assurance.”

On its official blog at 0 hour of June 27, YG uploaded a teaser poster for one of the two title tracks, “if you.” With a fading pink in the background, the five members are looking sorrowful. Their expressions are filled with sadness. The teaser itself is already sad, and if the song is actually as sad as YANG says, many listeners will surely end up crying.

YANG added, “It’s a little odd that they are releasing a sad song in this upbeat summer? I liked other songs in the MADE album, but if the public can feel what I felt listening to this song, then this is the right timing.”

BIGBANG is gearing up to set off the third dynamite of 2015. This is the third of their MADE project. A total of two new tracks will be unveiled. One is this aforementioned sad track, while the other one is fun and upbeat for summer. Now another BIGBANG vs BIGBANG battle is to be held.

According to YG’s personnel, there has been some contemplation on delaying the release date due to BIGBANG’s extremely tight schedule for the World Tour and TV programs. However, YANG emphasized that “it is important to keep the promise with the fans, as promise is a promise,” deciding to release the tracks on the originally planned date.

“LOSER,” “BAE BAE”, “BANG BANG BANG,” and “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” were the first 4 unveiled of the MADE SERIES, and the four very different tracks have garnered much popularity. So it is no surprise that anticipation is building up for the upcoming tracks.

YANG commented, “The two tracks in July are completely different from each other, as one is upbeat and one is sentimental. ‘if you’ is a ballad, where rappers GD and T.O.P will also be singing. It will be new to the fans as well.”

BIGBANG’s MADE project is going very smoothly like everyone had expected. “LOSER” unveiled last month occupied the top slot for almost a month while June’s “BANG BANG BANG” is doing the same. The four music videos unveiled in May and June have already attracted a whopping 100 million views.

Their power cuts across music programs as well. “LOSER” won a whopping 10 trophies while “BANG BANG BANG” won another one on M Countdown aired through Mnet on June 25. They broke the record for winning the highest number of trophies on the show.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG was in Shanghai for their concert from June 19 to 21, performing for the 30,000 enthusiastic local fans. Their hugely successful concert will be followed by two concerts in Dalian on June 26 and Wuhan on 28.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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