Saturday, May 16, 2015

[NEWS] BIGBANG Unveils Seoul Concert’s “LOSER” & “BAE BAE”

The performances of BIGBANG’s World Tour Seoul Concert were unveiled.

Through its official blog on May 16 at 10am, YG Entertainment revealed the videos of “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” performed at World Tour Seoul Concert. The video certainly captures the excitement of the concert.

In the clip of “LOSER,” BIGBANG members appear in a rotating stage that is surrounded by long mirrors, spotlighted in laser lightings. On the other hand, “BAE BAE,” garnering popularity for its unique lyrics, is filled with BIGBANG’s alluring yet playful charms.

The video features the enthusiasm of the fans who filled the stadium with a gold glow-in-the-dark stick in their hands. They surely were excited by the comeback of the quintet after 3 long years.

BIGBANG’s “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” have been keeping their top positions for 16 days in a row, proving undying popularity. “LOSER” still tops 6 major charts including Olleh, Melon and Monkey 3 as of May 16 at 9am, while “BAE BAE” is the runner-up following “LOSER” on the same charts. The two slots have been occupied both by BIGBANG.

BIGBANG’s power goes beyond charts and also to music programs. Last week they seized the trophy on MBC’s Show! Music Center and SBS’s Inkigayo, and on May 14 and 15 topped Mnet’s M Countdown and KBS’s Music Bank respectively. Their triumph is seen across the 3 national TV channels and a cable.

Their music video continues to attract viewers as well. On May 16 at 9am “LOSER” hit 18.8 million and “BAE BAE” 15.3 million views. Total adds up to 34.1 million.
BIGBANG will be releasing another single album on June 1.

Source: YG Entertainment(TVReport)

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