Wednesday, November 26, 2014

[NEWS] GD X TAEYANG Released the Making of GOOD BOY’s Music Video: “Everyone’s on a frenzy”

The making of GOOD BOY’s music video has been unveiled, which is a new song released by YG’s hip hop project ‘GD X TAEYANG.’

Released on the YG blog and YouTube in Tuesday afternoon, the making features the stage against which the eye-catching music video was set.

“The music video begins with G-DRAGON and TAEYANG entering into an underground world that we created,” said Colin Tilley, a world-renowned director, who filmed the music video. “This ‘underground world’ is a very unique and mysterious place that cannot be found anywhere on Earth. It is filled with cool and trendy people, and is good for them to have fun.”

“Everyone’s on a frenzy,” he added, talking about the concept of the music video. “All of them are wearing distinctive and bold clothes as a fashion statement. We create energetic music videos in a way that artists can reveal who they are and be true to themselves.”

About their new song ‘GOOD BOY,’ G-DRAGON said, “It’s a comfortable and light-hearted song that you can nod to the rhythm.”

“Everybody involved is energetic,” said the cinematographer of the music video. “It’s like everyone is really getting addicted to the song.”

In just five days since its release, the views of the music video are about to reach the 7 million mark.

The first performance of ‘GOOD BOY’ will take place on Dec. 3rd on a cable channel MAMA. And G-DRAGON and TAEYANG will appear at ‘The Music Trend’ aired on SBS on Dec. 7th to perform for the first time on a music program on a major TV network.

Source: YG Entertainment(mydaily)

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