Thursday, November 20, 2014

[NEWS] G-DRAGON X TAEYANG’s New Single “GOOD BOY” Written Directly by G-DRAGON

“GOOD BOY”, a new single to be unveiled by YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s first hip-hop project “GD X TAEYANG”, is turned out to be directly written by G-DRAGON.

The news was released by YG on YG’s official blog ( on the 20 at 0am, when the second teaser image of “GD X TAEYANG” was unveiled.

New single “GOOD BOY”’s credit was unveiled on the teaser image, along with image of G-DRAGON and TAEYANG raising their right hand with dancers. The song’s melody is jointly written by G-DRAGON, The Fliptones, and Freedo, and G-DRAGON wrote its lyrics and rearranged it, too. Notably, The Fliptones is a famous producing team who has worked with G-DRAGON for “Stay With Me” in TAEYANG’s second full-length album, as well as with world-famous musicians such as Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, Ice Cube, Santana, etc.

As the members of YG’s first hip-hop project to be unveiled on the 21 at 0am have turned out to be G-DRAGON and TAEYANG, fans’ expectations for their new music, dance, and style are running higher.

G-DRAGON and TAEYANG have been together as BIGBANG members for the past 14 years since they first met as YG trainees at the age of 13. Along with BIGBANG’s performance, they have musically evolved together, by taking part in each other’s solo albums.

G-DRAGON took part in TAEYANG’s first mini-album to write the melody and lyrics, and featured for “I Need a Girl”, the title track of TAEYANG’s first full-length album, to boast the deep friendship between the two. G-DRAGON also worked with TAEYANG for “STAY WITH ME”, “RINGA LINGA”, etc., for TAEYANG’s another full-length album “RISE”. TAEYANG also featured for “KOREAN DREAM”, a song included in G-DRAGON’s first solo album. As such, the two have shared and exchanged musical inspirations so far.

That is why fans are paying keen attention to what synergy the two long-standing friends will show in the new hip-hop project “GOOD BOY”.

Meanwhile, following “GD X TAEYANG”, YG will unveil “YG HIPHOP PROJECT2” on December 2 at 0am. Total thee YG musicians will take part in “YG HIPHOP PROJECT2”.

Source: YG Entertainment(XSportsnews)

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