Thursday, November 20, 2014

[NEWS] G-DRAGON & TAEYANG New Single “GOOD BOY” Unveiled at 0 hour Nov 21

YG Entertainment’s first hip-hop project unit “GD X TAEYANG” will be unveiling a new single titled “GOOD BOY.”

At 3 pm of Nov 19, YG unveiled a teaser image on its official blog.

Wearing t-shirts that read “GOOD BOY,” the two stand before the headlight of a car. The teaser reads, “GOOD BOY NEW SINGLE & M/V RELEASE / 2014. 11. 21. 0 AM.”

The special thing about this unit’s logo is that it is the combination of GD’s “COUP D’ETAT” and TAEYANG’s “SOLAR ECLIPSE” logos.

YG attracted much attention when they unveiled the first two members of its project. First met when they were just a two 13-year olds, they spent the last 14 years together. They are part of BIGBANG but both solos at the same time.

They showed off their friendship when GD featured in TAEYANG’s “I NEED A GIRL” while writing and composing songs for his first mini album as well. Recently, the two worked together again for TAEYANG’s “STAY WITH ME” and “RINGA LINGA.” TAEYANG also partook in GD’s first solo album “KOREAN DREAM,” sharing their passion for music.

All eyes are on the two hip-hop besties to see what kind of sensational synergy they will showcase through “GOOD BOY.”

Meanwhile, YG is gearing up to reveal another hip-hop project at 0 hour of Dec 2. The following one will have 3 members in total.

Source: YG Entertainmen(OSEN)

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