Tuesday, November 25, 2014

[NEWS] G-DRAGON Says, “I Feel More Comfortable with TAEYANG Than T.O.P… There Are Conflicts Sometimes, Because of Pride as Rapper”

G-DRAGON of YG’s hip-hop project unit GD X TAEYANG compared TAEYANG to T.O.P.

In a round interview about GD X TAEYANG’s single GOOD BOY, which was carried out at a café located in Mapo-gu, Seoul, in the afternoon on the 25 this month, G-DRAGON confessed that he “feels more comfortable with TAEYANG than with T.O.P”.

G-DRAGON released an album as GD&T.O.P in 2010, and this year, he is performing in a duo with TAEYANG. G-DRAGON mentioned, “Rappers have strong pride in their music, so when I work with T.O.P, we often conflict with one another, even though I set the direction. Of course, that is a productive conflict to create a better output”.

“I don’t mean that TAEYANG just follows me easily, but it was more comfortable to work with him because I know his style well and I have been taking part in his albums. TAEYANG always produces something more than I want, even though I don’t give him a specific direction. If it were a full-length album, it would have been somewhat uncomfortable for him, but we worked together quite comfortably, because it was only one song”, added G-DRAGON.

G-DRAGON also said, “When I was working with T.O.P, I couldn’t see him frequently because he had busy schedules. On contrary, TAEYANG is always there at YG’s workroom”, to make the people at the interview burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON wrote the melody of “GOOD BOY” jointly with The Fliptones and Freedo. G-DRAGON also wrote the song’s lyrics and rearranged the whole song. GOOD BOY has been enjoying a big popularity with its catchy trap beat, G-DRAGON’s flagship sensuous rap and melody, and TAEYANG’s groovy vocal, which differentiate the song from other trap music.

Source: YG Entertainment(mydaily)

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