Tuesday, November 25, 2014

[NEWS] G-DRAGON, “BIGBANG’s Comeback Next Year… Postponed for Better Music”

YG’s hip-hop project new unit GD X TAEYANG’s G-DRAGON said that “BIGBANG’s album will be out next year.”

At an interview conducted in Seoul on Nov 25, GD commented, “BIGBANG’s new album will be out next year. We have been talking about this since last year, but we were criticized for speaking too soon, so I can’t tell you the exact date yet.”

Early this year GD once said at a concert, “BIGBANG will be back as a whole this year,” and in fact it was delayed. He emphasized that this time he is “really preparing for it,” and added, “It might be an excuse—although I never felt the pain of creativity, my song-writing skills aren’t as smooth as before. So I tend to think much about it. I am actually the one who really wants to show it to the fans sooner.” He sounded apologetic to the fans.

He added, “I want to show you good music. But what I have does not look complete yet, and that’s the reason for the delay. If you stay a little bit more patient, we will guarantee you a great song. I want to show it as soon as I can.”

He continued, “This album is going to be a significant one for us, so we are trying a little harder to make it better.”

GD X TAEYANG’s new single “GOOD BOY” was out on Nov 21. The track is co-composed by GD, Fliptones, and Freedo while written and rearranged by GD. With the addictive trap beat, GD’s unique rap and melody harmonize with TAEYANG’s groovy singing.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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