Thursday, June 15, 2017

[N1★Issue] GD says “The external form is not important” regarding the controversy over the form of his new album

G-DRAGON directly mentioned the controversy over his new solo album released in the form of a USB memory stick, regarding “whether it is a record or not”.

On June 15, G-DRAGON said on his Instagram account, “What’s The Problem?” Then, he went on to express his thoughts about the controversy by saying, “Is it really meaningful if the outcome of an artist’ hard work is determined to be a ‘record or not’ by other people’s decision?”

“Everything in the world has pros and cons, but the external form of music records has consistently changed from cassette tape to CD and then to download file. Isn’t the most important thing for music is a good melody that will linger on the ears, mouths, and minds of people for a long time and the lyrics that can touch people and make them laugh and cry?”, added G-DRAGON.

The message was the expression of G-DRAGON’s regrettable feelings about the Korea Music Contents Industry Association(KMCIA)’s opinion that G-DRAGON’s new solo album released in the form of an USB memory stick cannot be recognized as a record.

The KMCIA decided not to recognize G-DRAGON’s new album as an official record, making an issue of G-DRAGON’s USB memory stick record which leads to a specific websites after starting.

Because of the KMCIA’s decision, G-DRAGON’s new album “KWON JI YONG” released in the form of a USB memory stick will not be taken into the official counting of record sales, so the ranking of the album in TV music shows, etc. will be substantially affected.

Source: YG Entertainment(SeoulNews1)

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