Wednesday, September 21, 2016

[OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT] YG, “Will take legal actions against hacking into G-DRAGON’s social media account & circulation of groundless rumors”

YG Entertainment (“YG”) is taking firm actions against infringement on G-DRAGON’s privacy.

On September 21, YG announced, “We are taking firm legal actions against the crime of recent infringement on G-DRAGON’s privacy, including hacking into his personal social media network”.

YG explained, “G-DRAGON’s social media account which was recently hacked is an undisclosed one for G-DRAGON’s personal use to share his private life with only a few of his closest friends. Hacking into a private person’s closed personal social media account is an obvious act of crime. The hacker turned G-DRAGON’s personal social media account from “closed” to “open”, to unveil every detail of G-DRAGON’s privacy against his will. Because of such illegal act, undisclosed photos that G-DRAGON has shared only with 150 friends of his came to be circulated on different social media platforms, among unspecified masses”.

“The photos illegally circulated were then transformed and composed by others, to spread on other social media platforms and on-line communities, triggering spread of groundless rumors about G-DRAGON. All those actions have caused the second and third damages to G-DRAGON’s reputation”, emphasized YG.

From now on, YG will take head-on legal actions against acts of infringing on the privacy of its artists and damaging their images and reputation by spreading groundless rumors on social media platforms and Internet communities.

“YG is filing lawsuits and reporting to the police about the person who hacked into G-DRAGON’s social media account as well as against acts of spreading groundless rumors about our artists. We are doing this in order to prevent recurrence of any illegal behaviors that encroach on our artists’ privacy. YG has also asked all media outlets to refrain from using the undisclosed photos of G-DRAGON leaked out by the illegal hacking”, added YG.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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