Wednesday, August 3, 2016

[NEWS] BIGBANG selected as “CREATIVE ICON”! Beginning to work as PR ambassador for “CREATIVE KOREA” from Rio Olympics in August!

Globally popular boy group BIGBANG has been selected as “CREATIVE ICON” to promote new national brand of Korea throughout the world.

On August 2, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (Minister Kim Jong-deok, “Culture Ministry”) announced that BIGBANG who is enjoying big popularity throughout the world has been appointed as “CREATIVE ICON”, the PR ambassador for Korea’s new national brand “CREATIVE KOREA”.

The Culture Ministry appointed BIGBANG as the PR ambassador for Korea’s new national brand, considering the fact that BIGBANG is making great success worldwide. That will make BIGBANG work as the PR ambassador of “CREATIVE KOREA” brand from the Rio Olympics in this August until the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

For the Rio Olympics, BIGBANG will take part in the event of “Cheer-up Message from BIGBANG” and they will also support the Korea PR postcards event.

In this July, the Culture Ministry of Korea proclaimed Korea’s new national brand “CREATIVE KOREA”. According to the Ministry, the new national brand pursues future-oriented core values and vision of Korea; rediscovery of the value of “creation” on the basis of Korea’s unique creativity; Koreans’ better pride in the country; and enhanced image of Korea in the world.

The assets that build the value of “CREATIVE KOREA” brand are: creative Korean Wave contents recognized by the world (TV dramas, K-POP, etc.); creative and attractive cultural heritage created by Korean ancestors (Hangeul, Korean traditional food, the Turtle Ship, Korean rain gauge, etc.); creative Koreans, the core asset of Korea (sports stars, artists, etc.); overseas business expansion of Korean companies and globalization of Korean brand (cosmetics, semiconductors, mobile phones, motor vehicles, etc.); and the engine for short-term economic growth (the Miracle of the Han River) as the model for growth of developing countries.

BIGBANG has created numerous hit songs since their debut in 2006 and established themselves as the leading artist for the Korean Wave, enjoying big popularity from not only teenagers and music fans in their twenties, but also people of all age groups. BIGBANG began their overseas career in earnest by making debut in Japan’s major pop music market in 2009. In 2011, BIGBANG gained global recognition by receiving “World-wide Act” award in MTV Europe Music Awards and then holding a world tour next year, which drew 800,000 fans in 24 cities. That was the highest record ever set by a Korean artist.

Plus, BIGBANG has recently proved their big influence again by successfully finishing their second world tour “MADE TOUR” that began in Seoul and then drew 1.5 million fans to 66 concerts in 32 cities in 13 countries in North and Central America, Oceania, and Asia.

BIGBANG’s popularity in Japan is remarkable as well. BIGBANG became the first foreign artist who has held Japan dome tour for four years in a row. From November last year until February this year, BIGBANG held dome tour “BIGBANG WORLD TOUR 2015~2016 [MADE] IN JAPAN”. With the tour that attracted 911,000 fans, BIGBANG became the foreign artist who drew the biggest number of audience for concert in Japan for three consecutive years. From this November, BIGBANG will hold another dome tour to entertain 631,500 fans in 13 concerts in four cities in Japan, to set a new record.

An official of the Culture Ministry expressed the Ministry’s big anticipation for BIGBANG’s work as the PR ambassador, saying, “BIGBANG’s work as ‘CREATIVE ICON’ will promote ‘CREATIVE KOREA’ throughout the world. We believe that will play a significant role in raising Korea’s national image”.

Source: YG Entertainment(isplus.joins)

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