Thursday, July 7, 2016

[EXCLUSIVE] BIGBANG to Release a New Song to Complete their MADE Series

BIGBANG is coming. The K-Pop boy band is currently on a tour outside of Korea, but they are making finishing touches to their new song to complete their MADE series albums.

On July 7, YG Entertainment CEO YANG HYUN SUK posted messages between him and G-DRAGON on his Instagram page. This is not the first time that YANG HYUN SUK revealed such messages, but it became a big issue as they were talking about BIGBANG’s MADE series.

G-DRAGON said to YANG HYUN SUK, “…I’ve changed the lyrics again and again, and I wasn’t able to go to the recording because I was busy doing rehearsals until I got here.” He went on to say, “For now, the lyrics are done. I’m still waiting for lyrics from T.O.P…I’ll finish recording as soon when I get back.”

In response, YG announced, “BIGBANG has been working on a new song to complete the series for the past year or so, and it’s almost finished.” OSEN interviewed YANG HYUN SUK at the end of last year, and he revealed his plans, “We’re going to release a new song and complete the MADE album.”

Therefore, what G-DRAGON said probably means that he’ll finish the recording when he comes back to Korea as he is currently in China doing fan meetings. BIGBANG’s new single is likely to be released before their concert in Seoul on August 20, and a complete version of BIGBANG’s MADE album will come out finally.

G-DRAGON showed the deep friendship between him and YANG HYUN SUK by messaging back “I love you more” to YANG HYUN SUK’s “Love you”. They go back 15 years, and YANG HYUN SUK has been G-DRAGON’s boss, senior, and big brother. On January 15, G-DRAGON even posted a surprise video of him singing the happy birthday song to YANG HYUN SUK.

All the four singles that BIGBANG released as their MADE series albums became no.1 on the iTunes charts in many countries around the world. Their “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE” topped Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart in the second week of August and “LOSER” and “BANG BANG BANG” also became no.1 in May and June, respectively.

Last year, BIGBANG released four MADE series albums and did various promotions and went on a world tour with their concert in Seoul in April as a start.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG’s US tour was covered by the country’s leading media outlets such as the New York Times and the LA Times. The LA Times highly praised BIGBANG saying, “In South Korea, however, there is BigBang. The established quintet is one of the most successful boy bands going in all of K-Pop today, with a sound that spans American hip-hop, R&B balladry with a local twist, and the high-octane electronic dance music that defines pop the world over.”

Source: YG Entertainment (OSEN)

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