Wednesday, June 15, 2016

[CLIP] BIGBANG X Nongfu Spring Tea Pi CF (1)


G-DRAGON: Often thinking of how to make good music, writing out good songs. Most importantly is to establish a style that is different from others, with my own personality and a style that belongs only to me. Hence, I have put in a lot of time and effort for it.

T.O.P: Often vexed thinking of what kind of moves could give people a completely different feel, how can I convey a style to everyone that only belongs to me.

TAEYANG: In a place/area that is invisible to everyone, we have went through a lot. An unimaginably difficult time. No matter what kind of stage it is, we will put in a lot of time to prepare. If you guys understand not only our music, but also understand our effort, we will have a blissful career as a singer and also be more focused in producing music.

DAESUNG: Before debuting, my family is always opposing/disapproving (my decision to be a singer). Seeing them heaving sighs to the extent of 500 times a day (laughs) made me puffed up with pride. It is also this kind of pride that made me persist. An adjective has to be added before every dream (we are pursuing). My target is to be a singer that could bring energy to people. A singer that could bring positive vibes/energy to people.

SEUNGRI: A process is needed whenever we are accepting new things/matters. There will be sufferings and difficulties in the process. However, when it becomes more difficult, one should never waver and never give up in the face of difficulties. Most importantly is to persevere till the end.

DAESUNG: Finding what you want to do is actually a greatest blessing. After you have found what you love to do, you must endeavor and persevere. Your effort will never betray you in anytime. Don't be anxious finding your path but work with unremittingness and perseverance and one day your effort will be paid off and bring to light.

T.O.P: The pursuit of new things will turn yourself fresher. When you look back on the road that you've travelled, you'll find out that you're improving thoughout the whole journey.
(Translated by @aboutbigbang)

Source:탑의멍청이들 TOPs_Fools

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