Saturday, April 23, 2016

[NEWS] BIGBANG is to Hold an Additional Concert in Japan and is Expected to Draw 160,000 People in 3 Days

BIGBANG has decided to hold another concert in addition to their 10thanniversary stadium concerts. This just proves that they are at another level.

BIGBANG completed their Japan dome tour successfully, which took place from November last year to February this year under the title of “BIGBANG WORLD TOUR 2015~2016 [MADE] IN JAPAN”. More than 910,000 people attended their dome tour concerts, and BIGBANG became the first foreign artist to hold a dome tour in Japan for three years in a row. BIGBANG’s stadium tour is also expected to be a great success.

For “BIGBANG 10th Anniversary Stadium Live 2016 in Japan”, the original plan was to hold concerts at the Yanmar Stadium Nagai, Osaka on the upcoming July 30 and 31. But, more than 450,000 people applied for the tickets, so BIGBANG decided to hold an additional concert on July 29.

As a result, the expected turnout went up from 110,000 to 165,000. The number is indeed huge.

Also, BIGBANG has started their fan club event tour in Japan titled “BIGBANG FANCLUB EVENT ~FANTASTIC BABYS 2016” for the first time in two years.

The fan club event tour will be consisted of 27 concerts in four cities: at the World Memorial Hall in Kobe on April 22-24, at the Marine Messe in Fukuoka on April 27, at the Nihon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya from April 29 to May 1, at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall on May 3-5, at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall on May 14-15, and at the World Memorial Hall in Kobe again on May 27-29.

In addition to holding concerts as a group, BIGBANG members are also actively carrying out individual activities in and out of Korea.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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