Monday, March 7, 2016

[V-APP] BIGBANG’s concert recorded the highest number of viewers at 2.11M … Over 3M when including multi-cam viewers

BIGBANG rewrote the history of search engine NAVER’s V-APP service.

BIGBANG held “2016 BIGBANG WORLD TOUR MADE FINAL IN SEOUL” on March 6 from 6pm at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

The concert on the day was live-broadcasted worldwide on V-APP. Fans’ anticipation for the broadcasting was raised high as NAVER announced that they will apply a new technology for the broadcasting of BIGBANG concert for the first time. Total six camera angles including one that shows all the members of BIGBANG and the other five that show each member were available in the live-broadcasting of BIGBANG concert.

The announcement raised fans’ interest in V-APP broadcasting all the higher and the broadcasting surpassed 1 million viewers mark within 50 minutes of the beginning of the concert. By the end of the concert, the number further increased to 2 million, to write an important chapter in the history of V-APP service.

Before BIGBANG concert’s broadcasting, the record of highest number of viewers was set by EXO in last December. EXO garnered more than 7,500 hearts from 1.3 million viewers.

When BIGBANG said goodbye at the end of the concert, the number surpassed 2.11 million, writing an unprecedented record. The multi-cam service unveiled by NAVER for the first time on the day was used by 1.4 million people. Therefore, the total number of viewers of BIGBANG concert was higher than 3.5 million.

BIGBANG held encore concert in Seoul from March 4 to 6, to entertain total 40,000 fans for those three days. On the last concert, BIGBANG’s performances of “BANG BANG BANG”, “TONIGHT”, “LOSER”, “HARU HARU”, “GOOD BOY”, “BAE BAE”, and “FANTASTIC BABY” fascinated the audience.

Source: YG Entertainment(SportsSeoul)

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