Monday, March 7, 2016

[Review is] BIGBANG’s “MADE” Promotions in the Past Year Truly Made Something

“Is BIGBANG the greatest group?” Answers to this question may vary. However, no one can deny that BIGBANG has been maintaining great popularity for the longest time, and at the same time, is the greatest group in terms of music.

BIGBANG’s final concert that drew their “MADE” promotions to a close took place in Seoul. Their “MADE” albums and promotions have truly made something that no one has been able to do in that they have reached the pinnacle of career in terms of popularity and the quality of music.

For starters, they have set all the new records that they possibly can. BIGBANG’s music enthralled people. The fact that all the tickets to their concerts were sold proves this point. It’s not common that a group that has debuted more than 10 years ago tours around the world singing their recent hit songs and has all the tickets to their concerts sold out. In Korea, only BIGBANG can do this.

BIGBANG started their “MADE” world tour by holding a concert in Seoul in April last year. Since then, they have held 66 concerts in 32 cities of 12 countries and drew about 1.5 million people.

A professional in the performance industry highly praised BIGBANG saying, “BIGBANG’s concerts are getting more popular year by year. This is because they produce hit songs every year, and all the tracks of their albums become hit songs. They are still trendy, and they have the potential to become even better.”

BIGBANG also swept nearly all the music related awards from last year until the beginning of this year. This demonstrates that they are recognized not only for their popularity but also for their music. BIGBANG has been awarded at the Golden Disc Awards, the Seoul Music Awards, MAMA, and the MMA, which award musicians based on the amount of on/offline sales. The group has also received the Song of the Year with “BAE BAE” and Best Pop Song with “Loser” at the Korean Music Awards. Furthermore, they have been awarded with the Group Musician of the Year Netizen Vote.

And then, BIGBANG went up on the stage on March 6 at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. Their concert, which consisted of performances by all the members and solo performances of each member, has ended in great success. Everything about the concert was perfection proving that you could go to BIGBANG’s concert over and over again and still not get sick of it. BIGBANG has so many hit songs that there was no time to cool off the heat.

YG Entertainment and BIGBANG have made through preparations so that the sound and the stage would be perfect. The world-renowned lighting and set designer Roy Bennett; Beyonce’s videographer Ed Burke; music director Gil Smith, who has worked with BIGBANG for more than four years; and Jonathan Lia, who has made music videos for top pop stars, have joined the team to help BIGBANG hold creative, world-class concerts.

During the final concert, TAEYANG said,”I can’t believe this is our last ‘MADE’ concert in Seoul. I don’t want to go down the stage. For the past three days, fans have been so enthusiastic that I couldn’t stop sweating. I’m so happy to be with Korea fans with our ‘MADE’ album, more so than ever before. Ten years have passed since BIGBANG debuted, and you guys have shown that ten years can go by and you can still shine. I cannot find the words to thank you enough. We spend a lot of time abroad because of our tours, but we miss your love. When we receive cheers from people who can’t even understanding what we’re saying, we think that it’s all possible because of our fans here in Korea. I think that all five of us are very blessed. No matter what music we do, no matter how we live our lives, I think you’ll keep on loving us and supporting us. I will cherish your love and pay back by making great music.”

G-DRAGON said, “As long as you keep sending support, we will stand here and sing and make happy memories as long as possible. 10th anniversary means a lot to us for sure. We had ten years, but we still have plenty of days to meet you. I hope that we can be here smiling and singing even as we get older.”

SEUNGRI made a sudden announcement, “We will hold a concert in the summer here in Korea to celebrate our 10th anniversary.” TAEYANG added, “I want it to be a festival that will last a whole day. Bring all your friends and have great fun.”

It was so like BIGBANG to enjoy the moment and prepare for tomorrow at the same time. For the last song, BIGBANG sang “FANTASTIC BABY” – their greatest hit. It was a fantastic ending to their “MADE” series, incredible work by BIGBANG members and YG staff.

Source: YG Entertainment(isplus.joins)

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