Tuesday, March 15, 2016

[Oh!Ssen Focus] 20 Years of YG and 10 Years of BIGBANG. Will They Hold a Huge Festival?

It has become twenty years old, a meaningful age. This year marks the 20thanniversary of the establishment of YG Entertainment. After the disbandment of Seotaiji and Boys, YANG HYUN SUK started a management company in January 1996 and has been nurturing artists ever since. Today, YG has gone beyond being just a music label and has become a management agency that is setting trends all across culture.

YG has become a brand as it grew into a mega corporation that leads cultural trends. It has gained the trust and confidence of the public by producing high quality and distinguished cultural contents. YG attaches great importance to creating bonds among their artists, making them feel like they are a “family”. By providing them with protection, rather than using them to make greater profits, YG brings out the best in each artist.

YG artists are guaranteed freedom in their music, and as a result, they are able to maximize their appeal. This is how YG creates quality, distinguished cultural contents. YG is never in a hurry. They wait until their artists produce quality outputs, so patiently that it seems as if they are not interested in making money at all. That’s why people have unlimited trust in the music of YG artists.

That’s how fans became more loyal to the YG brand and artists became satisfied with the services they provide. It has become an agency that everyone wants to get in, and the public came to believe that becoming an YG artist guarantees success.

This year is special for YG as it marks its 20thanniversary, and they are in a festive mood. PSY signed a contract again with YG at the end of last year just before YG’s 20th anniversary, and BIGBANG also promised to continue working with YG in the future. This year, YG joined hands with top-class actor KANG DONGWON and even succeed in making a verbal contract with Kim Hee-ae. On top of their second-to-none singers, YG now has top-notch actors/actresses as part of its team.

In fact, YG is planning to hold a festival this year. BIGBANG announced that they will be holding a festival that is of unprecedented scale this year to celebrate their 10th anniversary. BIGBANG has been touring around the world since 2015, and they promised their fans that they will hold a festival in the summer to celebrate their 10thanniversary. They said that it will not be a concert, but a festival that lasts several days.

Since its YG’s 20th anniversary, it is high likely that the YG Family Concert will be held in an unimaginable grand scale. YG’s top singers such as BIGBANG, 2NE1, PSY, WINNER, iKON, LEE HI, AKMU are to perform at the concert, and it will be more like a rock festival rather than a concert. Already, fans across the world are making inquiries about the YG Family Concert.

So far, YG Entertainment has made great strides and grown much, sometimes at a fearful speed. YG has established branch ereoffices in China, Japan, the US and Hong Kong and are ready to go global.

This is why the year 2016, YG’s 20th anniversary, is all the more special.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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