Sunday, March 6, 2016

[NEWS] G-Dragon Talks About Plans for 10th Anniversary Album on “Entertainment Weekly”

On March 5’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” BIGBANG member G-Dragontalks about how the group plans to celebrate their tenth year together since their debut.

While interviewing G-Dragon on the set of a makeup advertisement, the interviewer says to him, “BIGBANG has existed for ten years now! You must feel like family now.”

“That’s true, it’s been ten years since we debuted,” replies G-Dragon. “We also spent our trainee years together before that, so it’s been longer than ten years together. Now we really feel like family.”

“So do all your members know that you’re here today?” asks the interviewer.

“I’m not sure,” answers G-Dragon. “My mom probably doesn’t know either!”

The interviewer also comments, “I heard that you are working hard on an album! When do you think it will come out?”

“Since it’s our tenth anniversary this year, I think it will be a meaningful and important album for the five of us,” he replies. “Because of that, we’re being more cautious and trying not to rush.”

“But we’ll be able to hear it within this year, right? Since it’s your tenth anniversary?” asks the interviewer.

“Well, it can’t be our eleventh anniversary album,” G-Dragon says with a laugh. “We’re working hard to put it out this year.”

Source: STARNEWS(via Soompi)

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