Thursday, March 24, 2016

[NEWS] BIGBANG X Lang Lang’s unprecedented collaboration performance of “LOSER”

TAEYANG unveiled his photo taken to celebrate his collaboration performance with world’s top pianist Lang Lang.

On the 24 this month, TAEYANG posted his photo with Lang Lang with a short remark on his collaboration performance with him, on his Instagram account.

TAEYANG in a cool suit and bowtie is wearing a happy smile, with his arm around Lang Lang’s shoulder.

On the 23 this month, BIGBANG and iKON attended “QQ Music Awards” held in Shenzhen, China. BIGBANG took quadruple crown and iKON took double crown in the awards. BIGBANG received the “best music video award”, “most popular foreign group award”, and “best-seller foreign digital album award”, while leader G-DRAGON also received the “most influential male artist award”.

iKON took double crown in the awards. The team received the “best rookie award”, and “media recommendation award”, sweeping rookie of the year awards not only in Korea but also in China.

Notably, BIGBANG fascinated Chinese fans once again in QQ Music Awards by marking the grand finale. In the ending performance, BIGBANG collaborated with world’s famous pianist Lang Lang to sing “LOSER” and give big inspirations to all the people present at the awards. BIGBANG’s performance of “BANG BANG BANG” and “FANTASTIC BABY” also electrified the audience.

After the end of the awards, Lang Lang also posted a message on his Weibo saying, “BIGBANG is really professional and nice. Today’s collaboration performance was all-time best”, to express his satisfaction about the collaboration performance with BIGBANG.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG has been carrying out fan meeting tour in China recently. BIGBANG will also hold “SHOW TIME TOUR”’s Asian concert in Taipei on the 22 next month and in Hong Kong on May 7.

Source: YG Entertainment(SportsChosun)

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