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[Star Cast] BIGBANG’s “MADE” Western America Tour, Let’s go visit there together!!

World-class idol group BIGBANG who is sweeping the world with their world tour “MADE”! The team has met North American fans again, three years after “ALIVE GALAXY TOUR” in 2012! BIGBANG is the first Korean singer who hold large-scale North America tour for the second time, and the scale of the second tour is unprecedentedly grand. Along with their intense and perfect live performances, fancy costumes and unique stage production have captivated local fans, living up to fans’ expectations in both name and substance. Major media outlets of the country including LA Times and New York Times are expressing keen attention to BIGBANG’s America tour, making headlines with BIGBANG to draw big attention.

Star Cast covered the western America tour of BIGBANG, which sold out total 34,000 tickets for concerts in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Anaheim, and electrified local audience.

Before that, let’s first take a look at the trip BIGBANG members took before the beginning of their North America tour.

1. Grand Canyon

Filling up the energy at Grand Canyon!!

For the first North America tour, BIGBANG just focused on the concert itself, so the members had no opportunity to enjoy themselves in this far-away country. That maybe is why BIGBANG members insisted that they take “memorable trip” no matter what this time, and they eventually visited the Grand Canyon by helicopter, to recharge their energy to the full by enjoying the grand view and renew their resolution as BIGBANG! Now, it’s time to meet fans!

2. Las Vegas

Audience crowding BIGBANG’s Las Vegas concert

BIGBANG’s explosive performance under fancy LED lighting! Electrifying the audience!

This photo shows the audience filling up the concert hall. The waves of yellow “Bang Bong” created such a magnificent view in the States, too. Fans from all over the western part of the country began to acclaim and cheer for BIGBANG as soon as they appeared on the stage. BIGBANG members also enthusiastically responded to fans, presenting passionate performances!

Charisma equals T.O.P! T.O.P equals charisma! Intense red T.O.P!

Drummer DAESUNG! Showing fancy drum performance!

T.O.P’s flagship charisma shines even brighter in the deep red-colored jacket. On the stage of “SOBER”, DAESUNG electrified fans with his powerful drum performance. DAESUNG is known to have practiced hard to present the drum performance in the concert! This is the moment when BIGBANG’s hard work for fans shines on the stage.

Concentrating on singing with eyes closed… G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, and SEUNGRI filled with emotions!!

You cannot miss tender ballads, adding to BIGBANG’s fancy performances and intense songs. When the members get concentrated on singing with their eyes closed, fans begin to listen to the song quietly. The emotions at those moments are something unspeakable. It is the time when BIGBANG and fans become united with ballad!

Now it is the time to wrap up the Las Vegas concert. BIGBANG successfully rounded off the concert in colorful city Las Vega. Now, let’s move onto LA!

3. LA Staples Center

LA fans are crowding the front of the concert hall, to see BIGBANG!

LA Staples Center is famous as the home ground for LA Lakers, the renowned club of the American NBA. The place was crowded with numerous fans who came to see BIGBANG. American celebrities such as actor Seong Gang of “Fast & Furious 7”, famous DJ Steve Aoki, Randy Jackson who is famous as a judge for “American Idol” show, and band Black Eyed Peas came to the concert, showing their big interest in BIGBANG. Many fans also caught the eyes by coming in fancy costumes and accessories, as well as placards and nightglow rods!! Let’s take a look.

An LA fan’s unlimited love for BIGBANG!

Ta-da! She is a fan from LA who caught the most eyes!

LA concert beginning with enthusiastic acclamation from the audience!

The concert has finally begun. The hall was filled with 14,000 fans. Fans who were filling not only the standing area but also all the other seats shouted BIGBANG and began to sing the Korean lyrics along!

A sentimental performance staged by five BIGBANG members

This is the “BIGBANG” ballad!

Members showing enthusiastic performance! Five members display five different appeals!

Finale of concert!

The concert came closer to the end, and the encore performance also finished! This is the moment when people feel sorry most. Some fans even cried when BIGBANG disappeared from the stage. It was the same for BIGBANG as well. However, the last farewell should be always pleasant. Bye now for the next tour! BIGBANG now moves onto Anaheim!

4. Anaheim Honda Center

Anaheim Honda Center again in three years since 2012. As they came back to Anaheim after a long time, BIGBANG worked harder for the concert. Then, what were the fans who met BIGBANG after a long time of absence like?

Fans showing off good sense of fashion, wearing shoes covered with the faces of BIGBANG members!

Fans speak much about the singer they love. See BIGBANG fans who turned the concert hall into runway! Just as BIGBANG members care much about costumes, their fans also care much about fashion, too.

Honda Center filled with yellow color of cheering rods

This is what Anaheim Honda Center looks like. It is touching to see the hall filled with 11,000 fans. The yellow waves also look so magnificent!!

BIGBANG members saying farewell to fans

It is already the time to leave. BIGBANG members are saying farewell to fans, promising to meet them again. This will be the moment for fans to never forget. Fans will be able to see BIGBANG in Anaheim, right?

BIGBANG who celebrate the 9th anniversary of debut this year. They are showing more and more amazing things year after year. And the North America tour has not ended yet! BIGBANG will meet fans in Mexico City, Mexico, on October 7, in New Jersey, the United State, on October 10 to 11, and in Toronto, Canada, on October 13. You can look forward to new BIGBANG!

Source: YG Entertainment(Naver Star Cast)

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